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By World Finance, PRNE
Thursday, June 30, 2011

LONDON, July 1, 2011 -


Despite a depressed market for most areas of consumer retail,
the technology sector has continued to move forward with strength.
Personal gadgets have very much proved the flavour of the month,
with eReaders, tablet computers, games consoles and of course
mobile phones at the forefront.
Innovation has played a part in this; consumers are now enjoying
benefits of technology that only a decade ago remained firmly in
the realm of science fiction, such as language translator
applications for mobile phones. Marketing has also had a part to
play, with technology product launches now as much of an event as
film premieres. Apple have proved the undisputed king of creating
product-related hype and theirs is an example that many companies
are catching on to.
If the industry has proved exiting in the past year, things look
even more so going forward. Cloud computing, whereby content and
applications are stored via the web to increase computer
performance, is bearing some tantalising fruit.  With the
first cloud computing laptop will be out soon and Apple due to
launch a cloud computing service for iTunes, the full benefits of
this breakthrough technology are beginning to be realised.
Meanwhile, new business software continues to increase efficiency
and improve profitability as a result, particularly in terms of
accurate accounting systems and automated servicing.
The World Finance Technology Awards 2011 addresses the key sectors
for this industry, awarding the companies who have demonstrated an
edge over their competition and continue to innovate, improving our
lives in the process.
More information about the winners of the Technology awards can be
found in the July August edition of World Finance magazine.
Alternatively, to view a list of winner visit: href="">

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