New Era of Trading

By World Finance, PRNE
Wednesday, June 29, 2011

LONDON, June 30, 2011 -


With shares markets depressed and laden with uncertainties, the
popularity of foreign exchange trading has grown enormously both
among casual and professional investors. On the back of turbulent
world events, the recent buoyancy in the currency markets has made
this an exciting time for a whole new audience to start enjoying
trading on the forex markets.

For those who enjoy the intensity of investment, forex provides
the option to trade at any time of the day or night in a constantly
moving market - something that traditional shares don’t offer. For
those favouring a lighter touch on the other hand, forex trading
offers plenty of opportunity for profit from longer term
investments. And for an even lighter approach, many forex companies
also offer account managers who will monitor investments on your

With the intensity of interest in trading in this exciting
market, the number of companies moving into the sector has been
quite overwhelming. World Finance has observed this trend and
through the Foreign Exchange Awards 2011 identifies the forex
companies around the globe who offer the best both in terms of the
practicality of their trading systems and the service to their

To find our more about the winners of the Foreign Exchange
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