The Markets Never Sleep

By World Finance, PRNE
Wednesday, June 29, 2011

LONDON, June 30, 2011 -


The financial world never stops moving and there have been
enough events in the past two months alone to keep most analysts
busy for the year. 

At the forefront has been the eurozone crisis, as members
continue to debate the future shape of the currency based on
requirement for bailout. The ramifications of the decisions made
are huge, set not only to impact on the nations requiring
assistance - namely Greece, Portugal and Ireland - but on the banks
and institutions that have investment tied up in the country.
Painful conclusions lie ahead and all concerned will need to be
fully prepared when they eventually manifest. 

The financial markets have also shown changing fortunes.
Commodities, the investment hit of the year up until recently, has
seen a notable cooling off based on concerns that speculator
bubbles were arising. Goldman Sachs was one of the main banks to
notably pull back from this market causing enough of a ripple in
doing so to raise concern from the rest of the industry. As such
vigilance in the sector has remained high. 

From these examples, it’s clear that to stay ahead during
turbulent times requires enormous skill and professionalism.
Balancing shareholder profits, client satisfaction and more and
more regulatory pressures requires institutions and their
management teams to be on top form. The World Finance Banking
Awards 2011 celebrates those institutions who have dealt with all
these demands while also setting an example in their

Read the second instalment of the Banking Awards in the
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