World Premier: RYB Launches ELIOT(R), the First Wireless Detection and Communication System for Piping Networks and Underground Assets

By Ryb, PRNE
Sunday, March 20, 2011

PARIS, March 21, 2011 - RYB, the French leader in utility networks and piping unveils
the first technology solution that enables detection and communication for
underground assets, at the Gastech conference in Amsterdam (March 21 - 24,
). Developed in collaboration with CEA-Leti, this unique RFID technology
revolutionizes safety, monitoring, and maintenance for gas, energy, and
dangerous matter networks, thereby significantly reducing the risk of
industrial accidents in these areas.

The risk of industrial accidents is a serious consideration in
the gas and energy sectors, as well as for dangerous liquid transport in
general. One of the critical aspects of these activities is related to the
piping and underground networks used to carry various resources and matter.
Numerous industrial accidents, sometimes with serious consequences, are
directly caused by the involuntary cutting or breakage of poorly identified
underground pipes. The reality of this situation is most often due to
incomplete network maps, or by the fact that techniques for locating pipes
are complex and generally difficult to perform in the field.

In order to resolve this major issue, RYB has worked with
CEA-Leti to develop the first complete wireless detection and communication
system designed for underground networks: ELIOT(R), (equipment for
localization and identification by object technology) -

Dedicated to detecting networks, this technology represents a
major breakthrough for monitoring and maintaining networks, as well as
reducing industrial risks and costs related to networks that are broken
during works. The system provides advanced traceability for underground
networks, both for infrastructure resource management and maintenance.

The new generation of RFID technology developed by RYB and
CEA-Leti, protected by international patents, offers the following features:

- Detection up to 1.5 meters underground, providing accuracy
within a few centimeters.

- Support for harsh network environments for detection,
localization, and reading of information stored on a chip: networks covered
by all types of ground (tar, sand, dirt, rocks, dry, wet, etc.), or submerged
underwater (such as in the water table).

- Instant feedback.

- Information storage: detected network type (application),
manufacturing date, installation date, serial number, diameter, nominal
pressure, etc.

- Tags with no power supply requirement, integrated directly
in the fitting or pipe, or as standalone electronic markers.

- A simple reading system with an adapted antenna, compatible
with products available on the market.

- A signal measured on the surface precisely describes the
detecting pipe, thus avoiding interference in case of multiple nearby

The new-generation RFID tags are integrated directly in piping
or network parts using the patented process. Information specific to each
type of piping is embedded onto each tag.

Standalone markers can be used to identify already existing underground

"We are pleased to have successfully met the technical
challenge of developing this detection and autonomous communication
technology, specifically adapted for piping and underground networks. This
solution is unique in the world today. This development effort required over
three years of close collaboration with CEA-Leti, involving research on
numerous potential options and over one million Euros in investment. A new
era has now arrived for underground network-related works. The ELIOT solution
meets operator needs for gas and energy networks, as well as for the
transport of dangerous matter in general, making it easier to monitor and
maintain underground works and significantly reduce the risk of major
industrial accidents in many sectors," explains Marc-Antoine Blin, General
Manager of RYB.

Tests were also performed on the GDF-Suez group's experimental
platform. GDF-Suez, a major player in gas and water distribution, provided
expertise in terms of the major issues in the field, enabling RYB / CEA-Leti
to properly adapt the technical solution to real-world operational

About RYB

Founded in 1962 in Isère, France, RYB is the French leading
provider of Polyethylene piping systems. The company is a major European
player in the field of water, gas, and electricity transport, as well as

With two industrial sites and a specialized subsidiary, RYB
has grown rapidly over the past seven years, literally doubling in size
during this period. Transforming nearly 25,000 tons of polyolefins, the
company produces some 50,000 kilometers of pipes and networks each year.

RYB is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

The company's continual investment in research and
development, accompanied by adapted material and human resources, has enabled
it to innovate effectively in fast changing markets.

RYB key figures:

- 3 sites in France: two production sites and a subsidiary
specializing in renewable energy

- 130 employees, including 80 industrial jobs

- 40 million Euros turnover in 2010, an increase of 25%

A complete range of HDPE network and piping solutions, up to
1,000 mm


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