Smooth Now Offering a Complete Line of Revolutionary Emulsification Equipment and Exhibiting at HBA Global

By Hba Global, PRNE
Thursday, March 17, 2011

NEW YORK, March 18, 2011 - HBA Global announces that first-time exhibitor, Smooth, a leader in
revolutionary technology for producing emulsions and other formulated
products, will be exhibiting at the upcoming trade show and conference in New
. Smooth's product line, which includes new larger-scale "cradle" and
"cabinet" devices (, enable applications
ranging from lab-scale experiments to pilot plants to full commercial
production of hundreds of liters per minute of superior emulsified products.
The company also offers excellent engineering and on-site support (, including a 24 hour service to specify
pumps and other equipment, and on-site analysts who work with customers to
set-up quickly and successfully operate emulsification systems.

"At HBA Global we look forward to connecting with top beauty and personal
care formulators and product development teams seeking the latest innovations
in emulsification technology," said Mark Grace, of Smooth. Information about
this new emulsion technology and associated services as well as Smooth
hardware will be on display at Booth 1257 during the HBA Global Expo &
Conference, June 28-30, 2011 at the Javits Center in New York, the leading
product development source for the entire beauty and personal care industry.

Emulsions and formulated products can be found nearly everywhere from
personal care and cosmetics to food and household chemicals to paints and
adhesives. However, despite their ubiquity, many desired formulations have
not made it to the market because of the limitations of traditional mixing
equipment. Traditionally, emulsions are made with high speed mixers, which
have poor control and often over-shear fragile ingredients. This leads to
over-designing compositions and processing conditions to ensure product
requirements are met, as well as the overuse of chemical surfactants. Smooth
technology solves many of these shortcomings by operating in a continuous,
instead of batch, fashion and adding droplets into the continuous phase
through an engineered dispersion plate. The result is very uniform and stable
emulsions, often without the need for surfactants.

Smooth lab-scale and pilot devices, which produce up to 5 liters per
minute, have been available for over a year and are currently being used by
Fortune 500 companies. The new "cradle" product places five Smooth pilot
devices in parallel and can produce up to 25 liters per minute, while a
"cabinet" is essentially multiple parallel cradles and can produce hundreds
of liters per minute of uniform emulsified products. Product engineers are
encouraged to experiment with lab and pilot devices to determine the optimal
configuration and process parameters to produce the desired formulation. The
critical variables determined in these tests are then built-into cradle and
cabinet production scale units to make consistent, high quality products far
more efficiently than possible with batch mixers, and other traditional

Smooth, also known as microchannel emulsification, offers unprecedented
flexibility in creating entirely new emulsified products, but, like all new
tools, it can take time to master. To address the challenge of switching to a
new platform, Smooth offers a superior suite of support services. These
include a 24-hour service that provides specifications for pumps and heat
exchangers, both of which are critical for the proper operation of Smooth
units. The specification services uses feed characteristics provided by the
customer and within 24 hours returns customized specifications that can then
be used with pump and heat exchanger vendors to supply the right equipment.
In addition, experienced Smooth onsite analysts are available to work with
customers at their location. Analysts can assist, or lead, virtually every
aspect from setting up a new Smooth emulsification system to making
modifications to optimize performance. For information go to:

About Smooth

Smooth is a brand of the Velocys, Inc. which was acquired by Oxford
Catalysts Group PLC in 2008. Oxford Catalysts Group is listed on the AIM
market of the London Stock Exchange (LSE: OCG) and has some 80 employees at
facilities near Oxford, UK and Columbus, Ohio, USA. Velocys, which designs
and develops microchannel process technology for a range of applications, was
spun out of Battelle Memorial Institute, the world's largest not-for-profit
science and technology organization, in 2001. It owns, or has licenses to,
the largest microchannel patent portfolio in the world. &

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