10 Million FC2ID Registrants and 10 Billion Monthly Page Views

By Fc2 Inc., PRNE
Wednesday, March 30, 2011

LAS VEGAS, March 31, 2011 - FC2, Inc. (URL: fc2.com/ ) announced today that the number of the
FC2ID registrants broke 10 million and monthly pages views passed 10 billion
for the first time since its establishment.

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With just one FC2ID, registrants can use various services such as the FC2
Blog, FC2 Video, FC2 Counter and others.

The introduction of the FC2ID started about six years ago and the number
of registrants for all available languages (Japanese, English, Simplified
Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai, Spanish, French, German and
Russian) has now reached the 10 million mark.

Page Views for the FC2 Services

FC2, Inc was established in July 1999 and its services now enjoy 10
billion monthly page views. The page views for our key services, the FC2 blog
and FC2 video, are even rising and at the same time it has been putting
effort into keeping a stable number of users.

The Company is also retaining the third place for the Japan's
traffic ranking. (www.alexa.com/topsites/countries/JP, surveyed by
Alexa, Feb 2011)

The frequent function enhancements of existing systems have
helped increase the number of users of its new services such as the FC2
Knowhow and FC2 SayMove! The multilingualization that started in 2008 is also
the primary factor of the Company's growth.

FC2 Site Data

    -- FC2ID users : Approximately 10 million
    -- Total PV : Approximately 10 billion/month
    -- Sex Ratio : Male 57.0%/Female 43.0%
       (Surveyed by FC2, Feb 2011)

FC2 will continually strive to create a comfortable environment for users
and do its best to meet users' needs.

About FC2, Inc.:

FC2, Inc., headquartered in Nevada, USA, is a web service company that
provides a lot of web services in multiple languages. Established in 1999, it
has a non-stop work ethic to provide and improve services. The FC2 Blog is
particularly widely used and very popular.

    URL: fc2.com/
    Twitter: twitter.com/fc2staff

    Takuma Kishi
    Tel:   +1-310-375-2101
    Email: global@fc2.us

Takuma Kishi, Tel: +1-310-375-2101, Email: global at fc2.us

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