Infinity Group's IP Bank in China Further Expands Technology Base with Purchase of Ghost Cloud Computing Technology and Pulsar Welding

By Infinity Group, PRNE
Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SUZHOU, China and TEL AVIV, Israel, March 31, 2011 - Infinity Group, the leader in cross border China RMB and dollar
private equity funds and a pioneer in RMB funds, announced today that its IP
Bank has acquired the rights to the advanced technology of both Pulsar and
Ghost. The agreements were signed at a ceremony in Tel Aviv today attended by
a senior level delegation from the Suzhou Municipal People's Government and
Suzhou Industrial Park. The IP Bank is headquartered in Suzhou. The terms of
the acquisitions were not disclosed.

Amir Gal-Or, founder and managing partner of Infinity Group and
founder and chairman of the IP Bank, said, "The IP Bank has made a great deal
of progress since its inauguration approximately six months ago. Our Pulsar
and Ghost announcements today demonstrate IPB's active and successful
implementation of one of its defined missions - to identify and license
advanced technologies and proven IP that will service the needs of the
growing Chinese market and help Chinese companies to better compete
domestically and internationally."

Mr. Gal-Or continued, "Of equal importance is IPB's mandate to
back Chinese companies seeking to upgrade and better compete in China as well
as internationally. Our recent investments in China's THT (NASDAQ:THTI,
"THT") and Shijiazhuang Xingbai Pharmaceuticals are prime examples of IPB's
continued commitment to supporting local Chinese businesses. Though
international in its background and reach, Infinity/IPB, at its core, is
local Chinese in culture and in its focus."

Ghost technology is a recognized pioneer in cloud computing for
the end user. Ghost's product range, includes a comprehensive stack of proven
web products for end-user cloud computing including file storage, apps,
desktop in a web page, sharing, media, sync client, and mobile access. The
company has nine patents pending on key cloud concepts, and a state of the
art efficient hosted environment with redundancy and auto-scaling on Amazon
Web Services. Ghost is the recipient of several honors including the Wall
Street Journal's Walt Mossberg award.

Pulsar welding provides innovative manufacturing solutions
enabling companies to manufacture products using a wider range of materials,
faster and at significantly less cost. The company's solutions are based on
magnetic pulse technology, allowing dissimilar material combinations to be
welded together and materials to be formed with fewer processing steps, in a
cleaner environment, and delivering a better quality product than other
existing conventional welding, brazing or forming process.

About Infinity Group

Infinity Group is an RMB fund pioneer and the leader in cross
border China RMB and dollar private equity funds. It is also the founder of
the Infinity IP Bank, the hub for IP/technology development and
commercialization in China. Infinity Group currently manages twelve funds,
ten in China. Infinity has a portfolio of 45 companies and has made 22
successful exits. Infinity, which has the greatest number of RMB funds in
China, was founded by the China Development Bank and the IDB Group (the
largest conglomerate in Israel). Infinity serves as a bridge for Chinese
companies that want to integrate technology and know-how to compete
internationally and non-Chinese companies, with proven technology, seeking to
capitalize on the Chinese market. Sectors of focus include: medical device,
pharma and healthcare services, information technology, agriculture,
materials, as well as water and clean technology and energy. Recent high
profile activities include investments in THT (Jilin Province, China),
Shijiazhuang Xingbai Pharmaceutical Company Limited (Shijiazhuang, China),
United Water Corporation (Shanghai, China) and Weigo (Shangdong, China), as
well as exits from Tegrity, Orsus, FuturaGene and Teledata Networks. Other
China-related exits include Shellcase, Nanomotion, and a partial exit from
Digital China. Infinity has offices in Beijing, Changzhou, Chengdu, Harbin,
Hong Kong, Jining, New York, Ningbo, Shanghai, Shijiazhuang, Suzhou, Tel Aviv
and Tianjin.

For more information, please visit or please contact Marjie Hadad at or call +972-54-536-5220. For Chinese
language inquiries, please contact Joey Zhu at
or at +8613601212411.

For more information, please contact Marjie Hadad at marjie.hadad at or call +972-54-536-5220. For Chinese language inquiries, please contact Joey Zhu at joey.zhu at or at +8613601212411

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