3M Improves Sales Force Communication With Palringo Group Messaging and Geo-tagging Capabilities

By Palringo, PRNE
Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sales Force can now Connect With Each Other, Access Account History and Call on Customers With Business Intelligence Powered by Presence and Location

LONDON, May 9, 2011 - 3M, the diversified technology company, has launched
Palringo's Enterprise Messaging Platform across its 400-strong UK sales team.

By offering a unique, geo-enabled mobile group messaging
platform through Palringo's Enterprise Messaging Platform, 3M is providing
its sales team with more accurate CRM information, the ability to cross-sell,
share information, and easily see which current customers are located nearby.
Its aim is to create a more integrated sales organisation, capable of selling
bundled solutions that meet customer needs.

Palringo Enterprise Messaging is a dedicated, device- and
network-independent service that allows teams to collaborate, communicate and
share media regardless of location. It supports P2P and group messaging,
handling workgroups of thousands of members and can be used from any handheld
device or desktop, requiring only a data connection to work.

3M's sales team represent some 35 business units, so sharing customer
information and communicating across groups can present its own challenges.

3M therefore began using Palringo's Enterprise Messaging Platform to
facilitate group communication among the sales force. The company also worked
with Palringo to help integrate the messaging platform and the CRM system so
that conversations, activities and results taking place on the Palringo
platform are automatically reflected in 3M's own systems, ensuring
information is reliable and up-to-date.

In addition, 3M is using Palringo's group messaging and geo-tagging
capabilities to identify customers and their sales contacts by location,
allowing any member of the 3M team who happens to find themselves in physical
proximity to a customer to "discover" that customer, and find relevant
colleagues who can share customer information.

With the launch of Palringo Enterprise Messaging, 3M has provided sales
people across the organisation with reliably up-to-date CRM information, even
when remote. In addition, the geo-tagged group functionality has made search
and discovery within the sales database more effective and proactive.

Said James Simpson, eBusiness Manager for 3M in the UK and Ireland: "Over
the years 3M innovations have improved daily life for hundreds of millions of
people all over the world, but we are innovative in the way we do business as

"Palringo's platform, particularly the ability to create groups around
specific customers, locations and business units, provides us with a highly
effective way to approach customers with real business solutions. Our sales
team has reacted with enthusiasm."

Further information on the Palringo technology

Palringo has developed its own end-to-end telco-grade messaging service
with a proprietary protocol designed specifically to enable rich group and
P2P communications on any mobile device. The Palringo client works on all
major mobile OSes and, should connectivity to third-party services be
required, is able to connect to popular IM services such as AIM, Yahoo!, ICQ,
Microsoft Messenger and Facebook Chat, and enterprise messaging services.

Using the core Palringo service as a platform allows enterprise users to
extend the usual text experience to enable:

- Groups: Palringo's group function is flexible and scalable
and can easily accommodate hundreds of individuals within a group

- Location/Geo-tagging: Palringo offers a rich
location/presence functionality that adds an additional level of
communication in an enterprise setting. The location functionality is
flexible in terms of end-user privacy control options, but for enterprise
solutions can also be configured in always-on mode. Enterprise users such as
3M also leverage Palringo's location and presence capabilities to geo-tag
customer groups, making location information even more useful.

- Voice: A flexible form of push-to-talk messaging that allows
users to use their phones like walkie-talkies

- Pictures: Palringo makes it easy to snap a picture on the
phone, or select a picture from the on-device album, and drop it into an
on-going discussion with an individual or within a group. In a business
setting, field engineers can send images of particularly difficult faults to
colleagues for comment, or colleagues can share photos from a tradeshow or
industry event

- History & Archival: Unlike competitors, Palringo's emphasis
on a robust server-side platform allows the company to offer a full history
of conversations accessible via the Palringo clients, via an individual
user's account page on the web or via an admin control panel for enterprise
users. This is particularly important for regulated industries or other
environments where the ability to archive IM and text conversations is
important or even mandated

About 3M

3M captures the spark of new ideas and transforms them into thousands of
ingenious products. Its culture of creative collaboration inspires a
never-ending stream of powerful technologies that make life better.

The $27 billion diversified technology company has, since 1902, been
creating innovative products that help make the world healthier, safer and
more productive. Well known 3M brands include Scotch, Post-it, Scotchgard,
Thinsulate and Scotch-Brite.

3M employs some 80,000 people worldwide and has operations in more than
65 countries. The UK and Ireland is home to one of the largest 3M
subsidiaries outside the USA, employing more than 3,500 people across 19
locations, including 10 manufacturing sites.

Products manufactured in the UK include coated abrasives, occupational
health and environmental safety equipment, adhesive tapes, industrial
microbiology products, drug delivery systems, high-performance coatings,
secure documents and passport scanners. For more information, visit
www.3M.co.uk or follow @3MNews on Twitter.

About Palringo

Founded in 2006, the UK and San Francisco-based Palringo has built a new
type of mobile communication solution that takes the PC-based instant
messaging experience and makes it uniquely mobile. With more than five
million users sending tens of billions of messages monthly, the company has
built a hardened, scalable system that delivers a compelling user experience
to the consumer and a valuable communications tool to the enterprise. For
more information, visit www.palringo.com

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