Air Stewardess Wins Compensation for Rough Treatment in Hospital

By Dbs Law, PRNE
Sunday, May 8, 2011

LONDON, May 9, 2011 - DBS Law has secured a compensation payment from East Surrey NHS trust for
a client who suffered pain and distress at the hands of a doctor at East
Surrey Hospital.

The client, an air stewardess working out of Heathrow, had undergone
surgery on a painful toe in 2008. A pin that had been inserted into the joint
to straighten the third toe was removed prematurely during a routine check
after the surgery by a doctor. The client alleged the doctor ignored her
cries of pain when he was removing the dressing in, she felt, an overly
hurried and careless manner. The pin was removed in error because it had
become caught up in the dressing.

The removal of the pin, four weeks before it was due to be taken out,
caused her considerable pain and required further surgery to correct the
damage. As an air stewardess she is required to be on her feet for most of
her working day and the further injury to her toe kept her off work for six
weeks longer than scheduled.

DBS Law pursued the case despite advice from counsel suggesting there was
a less than 50% chance of success. East Surrey NHS trust made the
compensation payment to the client without admitting liability.

DBS Law Director Renukah Pragalathan who represented the client said,
"The client is happy with settlement she has received but still very unhappy
with the unnecessary pain she was put through because of the carelessness of
one doctor. She was also aware that she is lucky to have received any
compensation at all, if the governments planned changes to no win no fee
arrangements had come into effect it is unlikely her case could have been

Note to editors: Less than 50% of patience of East Surrey hospital say
they would recommend the hospital to a friend DBS
Law supports the Access to Justice Action Group that campaigns to stop the
government changing No Win No Fee arrangements

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