71 Percent of Business Owners Feel Neglected by the Canadian Government

By Regus, PRNE
Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Regus Survey Reveals That Canadian Entrepreneurs Still Feel Overlooked and Under-Supported by Government

DALLAS, November 18, 2010 - Regus (www.regus.com/), the global provider of flexible workplace
solutions, has surveyed the opinions of small and medium enterprise (SME)
owners worldwide in order to take the pulse of the entrepreneurial sector and
uncover how entrepreneurs feel about the level of support their national
governments and institutions are providing. This bi-annual survey of over
5,000 entrepreneurs in 78 countries revealed that globally 75 percent of
business owners are typically overlooked by government, with 71 percent of
Canadian business owners responding that their interests are neglected.

74 percent of respondents globally and 62 percent in Canada declared that
banks should be forced to lend more to entrepreneurial ventures and small
businesses. 86 percent of entrepreneurs globally and in Canada also stated
that government venture capital funds should be available to support
entrepreneurs and their business initiatives, indicating that maintaining
cash flow continues to be of concern for businesses. Further, 72 percent of
respondents globally and almost half (49 percent) in Canada declared that
legal penalties should be introduced for late payment of invoices.

Wes Lenci, Regus regional vice president for Canada, comments, "In spite
of its massive importance to national economy, the small and medium
enterprise segment continues to struggle to get its voice heard. In the
aftermath of the global down turn, this key sector for the economy has had
difficulties securing capital and maintaining cash flow.

"In particular, in Canada, where a reported 59 percent of businesses plan
to invest in new machinery and 49 percent in new product offerings, access to
credit will be vital to ensuring sustainable growth for the sector(1).
Whether in the form of pressure on banks or providing venture capital funds,
Canadian small and medium business owners feel that government needs to act
more decisively to help them maintain their important role as key drivers of
the economy."

The survey also asked entrepreneurs worldwide about their recent revenue
and profit trends, along with their main concerns and causes of stress in the
past years. These latter indicators form the basis for the report's
Entrepreneurial Environment Index, reflecting entrepreneurs' feelings as to
how easy it is to do business in their country. For Canada in particular, the
global index revealed an above average rating of 114 points compared to the
global average of 100.


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