Acellere CEO Vishal Rai Interview: a Tour de Force

By Acellere Gmbh, PRNE
Monday, May 9, 2011

FRANKFURT, Germany, May 11, 2011 - Alumni from leading technology firms like Infosys, Cisco and
Nortel get together to form a new age software services firm called Acellere.

Acellere is a new age start-up offering innovative software
services and software based solutions, globally. They differentiate
themselves by offering software development, software analytics and
maintenance services, in what they term as, in a truly industrialized model,
leveraging the best practices from hardware and software services industry.
Their industrial model of software delivery leverages their in-house
developed software engineering platform which is being built upon advanced
concepts of software engineering and applied statistical principles from the
mathematical world. They claim that the future demands on the software
services industry is going to be on strict enforcement of transparency,
innovation and predictability, which the current model of software services
does not support in entirety. Here is an interview in the Cebit Global
Business magazine 2011, with their Founder and CEO, Vishal Rai, who speaks
about his motivation and the current performance of this aspiring startup.

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Acellere offers software services and software based solutions
in a new age industrialized model, which leverages an in-house developed
software engineering platform. The founding team is multinational comprising
members from India and Germany. They are alumni of marquee firms like
Infosys, Cisco, Nortel and Autodesk.

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