The Drive Towards a Crash-Free Future

By Trimble Mrm, PRNE
Monday, May 9, 2011

Driver Safety Technology a Key Factor in Helping Prevent Road Traffic Accidents

IPSWICH, England, May 10, 2011 - Driver safety technology is a key factor in preventing accidents and
creating a crash-free future for drivers, says Andy Yeoman, managing director
of Trimble Mobile Resource Management (MRM) in Europe, a leading provider of
telematics technology.

Studies have shown the majority of road traffic accidents are a result of
driver behaviour or distractions. A recent study from UK road safety charity
Brake suggests that the majority of motorists believe they are safer than, or
as safe as, the average driver and are quick to place blame on third parties.

Many vehicle manufacturers are developing enhanced safety systems with
crash-avoidance technology. While manufacturers work on developing safer
vehicles, careless drivers and their supervisors still need to be made aware
of dangerous habits behind the wheel and take positive steps toward safer

Brake Campaigns director Julie Townsend said: "It is all too easy for a
driver's attention to be diverted by something like a ringing mobile phone, a
roadside accident or another vehicle following too close. It is often these
sorts of distractions and the taking of unnecessary risks that is the cause
of many serious road accidents.

"Measures which will help drivers be more aware of their driving
behaviour will hopefully encourage them to take fewer risks behind the wheel
and address their bad habits."

With health and safety legislation now placing more responsibility for
road safety on employers, Yeoman believes that driver safety technology could
help the fleet industry achieve its ultimate goal of reducing accidents.

In support of efforts to create a crash-free future-as well as to help
businesses save on accident costs now-Trimble developed DriverSafety, a
solution that measures aggressive driving behaviours like harsh turns, hard
braking and rapid acceleration, then gives real-time feedback to drivers and
managers. Its DriverSafety dashboard gives fleet managers, supervisors and
risk managers an overview of individual driver behaviours. This allows
managers to address issues directly with the drivers concerned and give
further training if it is needed. An in-vehicle warning system also alerts
drivers to when they need to change their driving behaviour to be safer on
the road.

Yeoman said: "Trimble in-vehicle technology can now immediately alert
drivers and their managers when aggressive driving behaviours occur, meaning
drivers now have the ability to immediately mitigate their unsafe driving

Yeoman concludes: "Every crash can cost a business thousands of pounds
and obviously even more so if casualties are involved.

"When you take into account the additional paperwork, the loss of
productivity from the vehicle being out of service and damage to the
corporate image, the cost rises even further. Telematics technology has
already proven to be a tool for saving businesses money and ultimately could
be invaluable in moving toward the ideal of a crash-free future."

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Trimble's Mobile Resource Management (MRM) Division is a leading, global
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Trimble MRM solutions can help fleet operators and field
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Trimble has been nominated for the StrategicRISK Awards 2011 -
in the 'Most Innovative use of IT or other Technology' category.

Trimble won the Van Fleet Awards 2010 'Telematics Supplier of
the Year Award'. Trimble was also highly commended for the Green Fleet 2010
'IT Innovation Award'. Trimble was also shortlisted for the 2010 Fleet News
'Innovation in Technology' Award and was a finalist for the Orange Innovation
Award at last year's National Business Awards 2010.

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