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By Adsafe Media, PRNE
Sunday, October 9, 2011

LONDON, October 10, 2011 -

- AdSafe Continues Global Growth Strategy to Meet the Increasing Demand For Brand Protection Solutions

AdSafe Media, the industry leader in online brand protection and campaign performance control, announced today that it has expanded its offerings in the UK to further meet the growing demand for its proactive brand protection services in the European markets.  Since early 2011, AdSafe Media has grown five times over in the region, adding more than 100 major European brands, networks and publishers to its client roster.

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“Preventative brand protection is a global concern and it’s important that our multinational customers are supported,” said Scott Knoll, CEO, AdSafe Media. “We are seeing increased demand from brands, publishers and networks looking for a reliable brand safety solution, prompting our expansion into these important markets. The experience and expertise that we bring will play an integral role in furthering our leadership in the online brand protection space in Europe.”

With all indicators confirming the continued proliferation of ad networks, DSPs, SSPs, and RTB platforms around the world, brands are recognizing that real time data, coupled with increased transparency and preventative protection, enables the greatest return on their digital media spend. Answering this need in the market place, AdSafe — whose data and products work across both the buy and sell sides of the digital landscape, as well as within the RTB process — is now growing its services in a region that is rich in new media, advertising, creativity and innovation.

Global Advertisers Rely on AdSafe

Global advertisers increasingly depend on AdSafe to help maximize ROI for their media dollars.  Using its best in breed page-level ratings and real time control solutions, agencies are more quickly and accurately optimizing each individual placement.  Because most competitors’ products provide verification based on domain level ratings, they inhibit scale by eliminating a great amount of highly targeted, valuable media.

  • At a 97% visibility rate, AdSafe offers the industry’s highest level of transparency. Furthermore, only AdSafe provides proof of this visibility rate in real time to its customers.
  • AdSafe provides real time alerts, reporting and control, allowing clients to take corrective measures on issues, in-flight, almost as quickly as they occur.

“European advertisers and agencies have historically innovated across the digital landscape, integrating world-class solutions into their business operations,” added Knoll. “Our expansion and increased emphasis on brand protection of our international clients’ campaigns and content now allows us to serve European-based organizations even better.  We are excited to work more closely with these valued partners as part of this expansion.”

Additionally, AdSafe Media recently saw record growth in North America in the first half of 2011, as 25 of the top 50 networks and more than 200 of the top global brands increasingly turned to AdSafe.

About AdSafe Media

AdSafe Media is the digital advertising industry’s recognized leader in brand protection and campaign performance control. Its Content Rating System is the only solution that scores and evaluates the brand safety and context of web pages on the individual page level.  Utilizing these ratings, AdSafe’s Firewall protects advertiser’s brands from appearing on pages that do not conform to brand guidelines. AdSafe’s suite of Performance, Network and Platform Control solutions enable real-time, actionable campaign control and optimization for brands, agencies, networks, exchanges and trading platforms.  AdSafe’s products work across the digital environment, driving increased performance and profits for its partners on both the buy and sell side. AdSafe is headquartered in New York City with operations in San Francisco and London. For more information visit or follow @AdSafe on Twitter. 

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