ALCS Tackles "Copy and Paste" Culture in Schools

By Authors Licensing Collecting Society alcs, PRNE
Wednesday, March 9, 2011

LONDON, March 10, 2011 - The Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society has created a schools
programme, Copywrite!, to educate 11-14 year olds about the importance of
copyright and intellectual property.

The programme, Copywrite!, has been designed with the help of National
Schools Partnership, to be used as part of the KS3 curriculum in English,
Citizenship, Drama and ICT and helps students understand why copyright is so

Barbara Hayes from ALCS said, "Young people these days are growing up in
a culture where "copying and pasting" from the internet is prevalent. We need
young people to understand why copyright matters and how it affects people
who write for a living - which may be them one day."

The programme includes lesson plans for teachers which encourage creative
writing and thinking in the students and highlights the social and moral
context of copyright. Video insights are also used to reinforce the effect
plagarism has on individuals, showing interviews with 4 professionals from
the writing industry including novelist, Sophie Kinsella, TV scriptwriter,
Toby Whithouse, journalist, Danuta Kean and publisher, Richard Charkin.

As well as the school resources, Copywrite! also includes a creative
writing competition where the winner gets a netbook, Amazon vouchers and
books, as well as GBP1000 book voucher for their school library, an author
school visit and class trip to a literary event.

National Schools Partnership is overseeing the schools participation in
the programme and has had a fantastic response from teachers. "I think
schools recognise that plagiarism is becoming a big problem these days with
young people having easy access to so much information from so many sources.
Quite often students use material without having any idea why they shouldn't
and this programme will really help educate them about why copyright
matters," comments Mark Fawcett, Chief Executive of National Schools

If you would like more information about Copywrite! or would like to
register to use the resources, please go to the website,

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