Amazing LED Desk Light Combined with Music and Multi-Charger Function From M&C

By Mc Lighting Ltd., PRNE
Thursday, November 10, 2011

HONG KONG, November 11, 2011 -

The t’Light S, the latest innovation from M&C Lighting, features eco-friendly illumination from a 5W LED plus audio output and a charging function.

The LED has a superior life and lower power consumption than other light sources without any detrimental impact on light quality. The t’Light S is suitable for reading and protects your eyesight. If you want to keep a night light while sleeping, the remote controller will dim the LED light through a variety of settings.

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If you want to have fun with music and a light, then t’Light S is an integrated audio solution. Two built-in stereo loudspeakers offer superior sound when you dock your iPod or iPhone. TDMA technology eliminates any interference given by your iPhone. The remote controller can play, pause, turn to previous/next and change the volume. t’Light S can even be used only as a stereo loudspeaker. It produces lifelike sound with a 3.5mm line in cable provided, which connects to any audio device. So you can enjoy background music when you entertain guests at home.

Furthermore, your iPod or iPhone will be fully powered whilst playing music if docked to t’Light S. A 10-jack USB multiple cable is provided for connecting other mobile phones and devices to t’Light S to enable the charging function. You have a choice of 3 colors for compatibility with your home or office. Enjoy the latest modern lifestyle from the moment you buy t’Light S!

  • High-power, long-life LED light source for bright light output
  • Continuously adjustable LED light output from 0 to 5W (max.)
  • Remote controller with iPhone / iPod Manu/LED light navigation
  • Built-in stereophonic loudspeakers offering lifelike sound
  • 3.5 mm AUX for MP3, MP4, various mobile phones, notebooks, etc.
  • App. dock and integrated USB port can be used to charge iPod, iPhone, most mobile phones and other audio devices.

This premium-quality product can be easily ordered at and will be shipped by EMS worldwide.

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