CF Art Group Presents THE FIRST IDEAL EXHIBITION - a Project Never Seen Before in the World of Modern Art

By Cf Art Group, PRNE
Monday, April 4, 2011

MOSCOW, April 5, 2011 - CF Art Group's provocatively titled FIRST IDEAL EXHIBITION takes a unique
approach, ushering in a new era of direct communication between the artist
and the viewer, free from usual art exhibition constrains. The virtual
exhibition welcomes visitors worldwide 24 hours a day where the showroom
( is optimally organized to display the
works. The viewer passes from one series of paintings to another
( in the sequence that best develops in
his mind the idea of the exhibition.

'Artists come up against real world constraints that don't allow viewers
to intuitively perceive the emotions and ideas they put into their works. For
every artist that manages to finally put together an exhibition, it is often
an institution who has stepped in to 'help' the artist to find the right
audience, acting as an authority who knows better what the artist wants to
say. Additional constraints include the venue, the theme or the likes of the
hall owner or event organiser. Little of the artist's original idea and
vision are left to be shared' says the artist, Denis Saunin 'The aim of THE
FIRST IDEAL EXHIBITON is to free art from the powerful influences of
marketing and PR that often come into play, becoming the driving forces of
presenting new artists and masterpieces to the public.'

CF Art Group converses with visitors to its FIRST IDEAL EXHIBITION
through a series of paintings. The series are studies-not just artworks, but
certain logical constructions.

After visiting the exhibition, you can form your own opinion of the
group's work. And by seeing the works in person, you can interpret them as
you like.

To what extent is our fate predetermined? What depends on us? What can we
learn about the future by uniting the outlook of the artist with the
intuition of the viewer? THE FIRST IDEAL EXHIBITION attempts to answer these

About The CF Art Group

The CF Art Group, a truly innovative project in the field of contemporary
art, was formed in the fall of 2009 by Russian artists Denis Saunin and Georg
, the authors of a number of non-standard solutions in painting,
uniquely combining the real and virtual space.

Address of the exhibition:

    For further information please contact:
    Denis Saunin
    Tel: +7-916-438-37-25

For further information please contact: Denis Saunin, E-mail: info at, Tel: +7-916-438-37-25

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