Vodafone and Kyivstar to Address Mobile Network Challenges

By Telecoms Iq, PRNE
Monday, April 4, 2011

LONDON, April 5, 2011 - Matthias Sauder, Head of Access Engineering, Design & Optimisation,
Vodafone Germany and Vasiliy Pantov, Head of Services & Network Performance,
Management Department, Kyivstar will be presenting at the Mobile Network
Optimisation conference, taking place 6th - 9th June 2011 at Courtyard by
Marriott Vienna Messe, Austria: www.mobilenetworkoptimisation.com.

With mobile data traffic expected to rise 40-fold over the next five
years (Source: Coda Research Consultancy) (
www.codaresearch.co.uk/reports.htm) Mobile Network Optimisation will
bring together leading experts from mobile operators to determine how to
optimise network capacity and performance to manage this increase in data

The conference will be an opportunity to "exchange ideas around new
strategies to optimise your network, that will ensure sustainability for the
future," says Matthias Sauder, Head of Access Engineering, Design &
Optimisation, Vodafone Germany. Matthias will be leading a session on
Conference Day One to share his insight into the challenges faced in
optimising Europe's first 800 MHz LTE network at Vodafone Germany and, in
particular, how they have migrated to a single RAN network.

Elsewhere, operators are rightly concerned with how increased traffic is
going to impact the user experience, as reported by Telecoms.com.
To address this, Dr. Vasiliy Pantov, Head of Services
and Network Performance Management will present Kyivstar's perspective on
establishing a balance between supporting the demand in data traffic,
providing the required QoS, and minimising costs. He will also analyse the
performance requirements of different devices, as well as how to manage their
demand on network capacity.

Matthias and Vasiliy are two key speakers who will be presenting at this
event in June. Further industry experts who will share their experiences

- Uwe Löwenstein, Spectrum Technology Manager, Telefónica O2

- Robert Dimitrovski, Project Manager, T-Mobile Croatia

- Terje Engebretsen, Radio Planner, GSM & WCDMA/UMTS Network,
Telenor Norway

- Omer Goc, Radio & Transport Network Optimisation Manager,

- Jakov Stojanovic, Network Quality Planning Manager, Telenor

For further details on the conference, the event agenda is available to
download at www.mobilenetworkoptimisation.com. (
You can also find additional content free to download at the event's media

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