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By Dealextreme, PRNE
Tuesday, March 8, 2011

HONG KONG, March 9, 2011 - On April 1st, in offices and homes around the globe, people will be
looking for ways to set aside the tediousness of everyday life by employing
surreptitious ways to shock, surprise and stun their friends, family and
co-workers. April Fool's day, otherwise known as All Fool's Day, is a day
meant for fun, hoaxes, and other generally irreverent behavior. Shenanigans
such as fake 'poo' placed in just the right spot can make for a very
rewarding prank; a stapler that shocks people can entertain for hours in the
right office setting, and of course the rubber cockroach is always a great
addition to someone's lunch plate. To help celebrate April Fool's Day,
DealExtreme has gathered all the best products for this fun holiday on a
special page of their website. The possibilities are nearly endless, but
DealExtreme.com with free world-wide shipping can help.

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Selecting the right product

An extensive product selection for this 'tricky' day is an essential
element in bringing a smile to your face, and surprise to your intended
victims. You can't use just any old prop — careful forethought and
deliberation can yield the maximum jaw-dropping distance, but a clever
opportunist with the right gadget can also have some fun as well.

The variety and selection of gadgets used in these practical jokes is
almost as endless and varied as their purposes, and choosing the right one
can seem a daunting task — from the goofy fake mustache to a pen that will
give your friends a real jolt when clicked, to the proverbial whoopee-cushion
placed inconspicuously on the seat of a co-worker.

Other gags include replacing the washroom hand soap with one that makes
your hands look dirty and black; squirting ink pens that leave temporary
stains; chewing gum that tastes like rotten eggs and fake wounds that will
startle even the most stolid of marks.

This almost-holiday is meant to be fun, a little devious and a break from
the everyday grind we all face. Both young and old, businessman, laborer and
everyone in between should have the opportunity to participate. With low
prices and free world-wide shipping, DealExtreme.com has everything you need
to make this the most entertaining April Fool's Day possible.

Link: www.dealextreme.com/c/practical-joke-gadgets-821

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