DZ PRIVATBANK Selects TraderTools' FX Trading Platform

By Tradertools Inc., PRNE
Monday, March 7, 2011

Luxembourg subsidiary of Germany-based DZ Bank AG to benefit from fully-integrated FX suite

NEW YORK, March 8, 2011 - TraderTools Inc. (TraderTools), which provides the only complete,
integrated FX trading platform available on the market, announced today that
DZ PRIVATBANK S.A., one of the largest German banks in Luxembourg, has
selected TraderTools' Liquidity Management Platform(TM) to serve as the basis
for its FX trading department.

"To service our expanding customer base in the highly-competitive FX
market, we were looking for a software solution that would allow us to
enhance our customer service, sharpen our competitive edge, reduce risk and
improve automation," said Uli Loersch, Senior FX Manager at DZ PRIVATBANK.
"Liquidity Management Platform combines liquidity and order management,
aggregation and pricing in one solution, making TraderTools the ideal partner
for meeting our FX challenges electronically."

"We are pleased to working in Luxembourg, an international financial
center," added Mark Mayerfeld, Executive VP, International Sales at
TraderTools. "DZ PRIVATBANK will now be able to benefit from optimized FX
position management, including algorithmic trading and auto-hedging."


Founded in 1977, DZ PRIVATBANK is one of the largest German banks in
Luxemburg and the leading foreign subsidiary of the German cooperative
banking sector. More than 750 international employees offer a wide range of
services and products for private and institutional customers. DZ PRIVATBANK
specialises in four business segments: Private Banking, Loans, Investment
Fund Services and Treasury. Mutual Fund companies utilising DZ PRIVATBANK as
their custodian bank highly appreciate the minimisation of their transaction
cost and the considerable simplification of their business processes. More
than 60 000 clients are using the services and products of DZ PRIVATBANK,
also with her fully-owned subsidiaries in Singapore and IPConcept Fund
Management, the market leader in German speaking countries of private label
fund services, situated in Luxemburg. The bank offers a wide range of
investment opportunities, i.e. multi-currency investments, international
equities and bonds, structured investments with partial or full capital
guarantee on various types of underlying, investment funds from the most
renowned and talented fund managers, alternative investments, precious metals
and security financing. Sales and purchases can be traded in all the main
stock exchanges globally.

About TraderTools

TraderTools Inc. delivers the only complete, integrated, FX trading
platform available on the market. Banks and brokerages use the TraderTools
platform to increase FX revenues, reduce FX costs, improve FX spreads and
access vital information to help run their FX businesses more efficiently and

FX desks traditionally deploy an assortment of vertical tools, developed
internally or externally by different vendors. TraderTools replaces these
disparate products with a single innovative platform that addresses the 4
most pressing FX challenges: an FX pricing engine, FX liquidity aggregation,
global FX order management and FX white-labelling. It is an end-to-end
solution designed to work seamlessly across all components and provide
unparalleled visibility into the entire FX workflow. The result is an
optimized FX Liquidity Management Platform(TM) - with advanced capabilities,
like algorithmic FX trading and FX auto-hedging - designed to generate

The TraderTools FX trading platform is the product of more than a
decade's worth of experience with some of the world's largest financial

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