ATERAS Receives Product Innovation Award for Legacy Conversion Tool

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


- eavRPM(TM) Simplifies The Modernization Process for COBOL and Natural Applications

ATERAS, a leading provider of solutions for legacy migration and modernization, announced today the receipt of Microsoft Corp.’s Product Innovation award for eavRPM(TM) (Rapid Program Modernization) tool at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) 2009. Mainframe analysts and developers can create customized, high powered and well documented applications in C# from either COBOL or Natural without knowing any C#. The business case for .NET Framework legacy modernization has never been more compelling. ATERAS provides the optimum cost effective solution for global enterprises to modernize their applications from the mainframe to the .NET Framework.


eavRPM was designed to simplify the modernization process leveraging a direct connection to the target relational database, such as Microsoft SQL Server. The relational database can be from a new design, a conversion, or a purchased COTS or ERP package. Once the relational database is defined, eavRPM empowers your existing programming staff to create modern applications via an easy-to-use graphical interface using the existing mainframe application. In fact, the users only need to know how the application works. That’s because eavRPM uses intuitive copy features to capture lines of COBOL or Natural code that are then pasted into eavRPM. The result is pure C# code written for that program, converted by eavRPM, while maintaining the integrity of the legacy code functionality.

The resulting web applications are truly native, taking full advantage of the Microsoft software stack (Windows, SQL Server, Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, etc). The .NET Framework solution exploits the features of HTML, ASPX, ADO.NET, C# and object-oriented design. Because eavRPM generates native C# solutions and true .NET objects, it delivers the C# applications to Visual Studio as a project.

eavRPM was recently used to modernize Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility (AWWU) legacy Special Assessment Receivables System (SARS) from a CICS VSAM IBM 370 mainframe application to a Microsoft C# ASPX .NET application running on Windows. The ATERAS solution includes no system-level software, no “black box” processing, no perpetuation of VSAM commands, no additional execution overhead, and no functional changes from the end-user perspective.

“ATERAS’ eavRPM modernization tool allows global organizations to increase productivity, decrease costs, and enhance performance of their legacy applications by modernizing to Microsoft’s .NET Framework. Organizations can take their existing mainframe staff and modernize COBOL and Natural applications to native C# that can be delivered straight into Visual Studio.” Bob Ellsworth, Director Platform Modernization, Microsoft.

“From a business perspective, eavRPM makes fiscal sense. It frees companies of the licensing fees that can often cripple an IT budget, costing tens of thousands of dollars. eavRPM empowers your existing programming staff to create modern applications via an easy-to-use graphical user interface using the existing mainframe application. The resulting applications that are modernized using eavRPM take full advantage of the .NET Framework.” Scott Miller, CEO, President, ATERAS.


ATERAS has supported global enterprises for 26 years, offering state-of-the-art services to our clients by modernizing and migrating legacy systems to the most current IT environments. The patent-pending eavRPM(TM) and DB Shuttle(TM) technologies provide both modernization solutions and comprehensive assessments of existing IT environments to fully automated conversions.

Contact: Anna Stamatelatos, Vice President Sales & Marketing +1-469-385-7236

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