Bad Websites Cost Retailers Millions - Don’t Let Yours Lose You Potential Sales

By Custard Media, PRNE
Sunday, September 25, 2011

MANCHESTER, England, September 26, 2011 -

A study has found that companies with a poor web presence are losing up to £500 million a year in lost sales.

Research from Oxford Economics has revealed that some big high street brands are losing millions of pounds by failing to keep their websites up to date, or by not even allowing customers to buy from them online.

Sam Moore is the director of consulting services at Oxford Economics and says that neglecting online services can be very costly for businesses of all sizes.

“We found a clear link between growth and multi-channel performance,” said Mr Moore. “This confirms there is a commercial incentive to invest in a digital multi-channel strategy.”

Digital media agency Custard Media can assist with all aspects of producing a website which is both user friendly, and will rank on Google. With many years’ experience in the online marketing industry, the team at Custard Media know exactly what works and are able to pass this knowledge on to you to help you increase your web conversions.

As well as offering SEO, Preston-based Custard Media offer a wide range of other services including web design, content writing, social media marketing and online PR so your site will not just be easy for visitors to navigate, but will also rank well on Google so you don’t lose out on valuable custom.

As the research proves, it’s vital for a business to offer a complete online service or potential customers will simply go elsewhere so make sure that you don’t lose out to your competitors by having little or no presence on the internet and contact Custard Media today to see what they can do for you.

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