A Shade Greener Goes From Strength to Strength

By A Shade Greener, PRNE
Tuesday, November 29, 2011

SHEFFIELD, England, November 30, 2011 -

Yesterday¬†(29th November) the UK’s Largest Free solar panel installer A Shade Greener Ltd Group of Companies has just celebrated it’s 10,000th install which accounts for approximately 10% of all installations completed in the UK.

To ensure A Shade Greener meets it’s stretching targets a southern office has been opened in Paulton, South of Bristol to widen it’s reach and to deal with increased demand from people wanting free systems.

A Shade Greener has reassured people looking to do their bit for the environment whilst still saving money that “free solar is still free”

The cut in the FIT tariff spurned a flurry of concerned enquiries from homeowners wanting free solar who were worried that our offer would no longer be available.

Stewart Davies, Managing Director has assured anyone who is concerned that they may have missed out on getting a Free solar PV system:

“We still have thousands of Free systems to install on suitable homes, free solar is still free.” It could not be easier to receive a Free Solar PV system - just simply visit www.ashadegreener.co.uk and apply by sticking the pin into your roof alternatively call 0845 519 1597.

Some concerns received by A Shade Greener’s Yorkshire office included:

1. Will customers now have to make payments towards a solar PV system?

“Our systems have always been free and will remain so; we do not charge anything to our customers. There are no hidden costs or charges and we do not plan to ask our potential customers to “chip in” towards the cost of installing a system.”

2. Are cheaper panels going to be used and will panels be rationed to each home to cut costs?

“It would not be in our interest to use sub-standard components, our systems have to last for at least 25 years and be as productive as technologically possible. We do not plan on installing cut down versions of our systems.”

Note to editors

Information about our free solar offer and to find out how to apply, details can be found on our website ashadegreener.co.uk

For further press information, contact: Stewart Davies, A Shade Greener - +44(0)845-519-1597 or stewart at ashadegreener.co.uk

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