Barack Obama Promises Vladimir Putin, Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Sarkozy to Fulfill Their Childhood Dreams

By Prne, Gaea News Network
Thursday, April 30, 2009

NEW YORK - On April 30, 2009 a new animated cartoon BARACK OBAMA SUPERSTAR: The Untold Story has been presented in New York by a Ukrainian communications company CFC Consulting. Dedicated to the celebration of the first 100 days of Mr. Obama’s presidency, the cartoon consists of a series of fictional humorous stories in which its creators take a fresh look at glObamazation - the phenomenon of Barack Obama’s unwavering global popularity and his unprecedented cross-cultural appeal.

“Don’t ask what the world can do for America, ask what America can do for the world!” says the cartoon hero Barack Obama in one of the episodes of the animation series BARACK OBAMA SUPERSTAR: The Untold Story. As if by a magic wand, this helps Hugo Chavez fulfill his childhood dream of visiting the Disney Land, allows Mr. Putin to live out his fantasy of starring in a sequel to the cult movie Rambo, sends Nicolas Sarcozy to rule the Playboy Kingdom and lets Dalai Lama realize his secret passion for motorbikes and heavy rock.

The pre-release presentation of the animated series marks the launch of MuPoTOONS - CFC Consulting’s latest innovative media format of global news reporting, which combines music, politics and cartoons.

Most episodes of BARACK OBAMA SUPERSTAR, according to the cartoon’s creators, have been inspired by the global hits of such prominent artists as Beyonce, Kid Rock, Alicia Keys, Madcon and others. “We hope that the future episodes of MuPoTOONS will be based on the original soundtracks of world-famous singers, it will make the cartoons’ appeal even wider,” said CFC Consulting’s Managing Partner Gennadiy Kurochka.

“I am particularly pleased that a number of producers and international distributors have already expressed interest in helping MuPoTOON reach a wider global audience,” added Mr. Kurochka.

Yuriy Sak, Creative Director CFC Entertainment: “Everybody likes cartoons, we all like music and most of us take interest in politics. So why not bring all these elements together in one dynamic, funny and entertaining format? This is the main idea behind mupotoons - our company’s latest brainchild, which had been conceived in Kiev and was born today in New York. MuPoTOON, as you can see, is a cosmopolitan by birth and we hope it will be received warmly by viewers around the world.”

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