OpenEMM 2011: New User Interface Makes it Even Easier to Work With, Dozens of New Functions

By Agnitas Ag, PRNE
Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MUNICH, July 14, 2011 -

Worlds Most Popular Open
Software for Professional
e-mail Marketing

OpenEMM, with almost 300,000 downloads the world’s most
popular Open Source software for newsletters, e-mail marketing and
transaction mailings, is
again set to shake up the market.
The new
version 2011, with its many design and
functional innovations
, brings unheard-of ease of use for
anyone creating and running mailing campaigns, whether big or
. This Open Source variant of E-Marketing
(EMM) is enormously popular, being one
of the most popular enterprise applications on the SourceForge Open
Source platform and is
in use in over 160
countries around the world.

OpenEMM 2011 ( href="">
offers a host of new functions and improvements - and one of the
most important becomes obvious immediately after the program
starts. It shows a completely reworked user interface that is now
much more convenient to use. Moreover, the designers have remained
consistent in their approach - OpenEMM 2011 forgoes a HTML page
construction via tables, using DIV containers and CSS to give
substantially more flexibility with regard to layout customization.
But it does not stop there. OpenEMM 2011 contains over two dozen
new features expressly designed to power up mailings, recipients,
target groups, the integrated content management system and many
other aspects of the program.  

OpenEMM is a truly global solution that works everywhere. It is
in use in 168 countries and is especially popular in Germany and
the USA, followed by the UK, Brazil, India, France, Spain, Italy,
Canada and China. It is available in English, French, German,
Portuguese, Spanish and now also in Italian. Since OpenEMM is a web
application it can be used anywhere in the world where a browser is
available.The proof is plain to see -OpenEMM has already been
downloaded more than 300,000 times from SourceForge( href="">
and thousands of downloads more take place every month.

As well as the reworked user interface, OpenEMM 2011 has a host
of other new features on offer. To take just a few examples,
OpenEMM now comes equipped with Tag Inspector and Link Checker, new
internal check mechanisms that ensure that mailing problems are
minimized. While Tag Inspector checks embedded placeholders in
mailings for correctness, Link Checker controls whether all links
contained actually do lead to the target. And from version 2011,
OpenEMM also supports browsers that are explicitly set to the
Japanese ISO-2022-JP character set. Moreover, a changeover to the
very popular Tomcat web container has increased the performance of
the program even more.

The new dynamic templates offer more convenience in the
preparation and management of mailings. If the user modifies the
content of such templates, OpenEMM now transfers all changes
automatically to any other mailings that utilize these dynamic

Then there is an Activity Log that offers a better overview.
This new function keeps administrators fully informed on what
OpenEMM activities, such as modifying or sending mailings, have
been undertaken - and by which user - within a specific period.
Users who only use OpenEMM for their own mailing purposes also
profit from this, because they can track all of their work steps in

OpenEMM 2011 from AGNITAS also includes a whole bagful of
improvements in the content management and import areas. For
example, each content module can now be assigned to a self-defined
category, and users can retroactively and directly edit CM
templates in OpenEMM. The recipient area offers an improvedimport
function that provides, as one of several functions, more detailed
settings for the import of recipient data, and displays the
duration of the import process in the Import Wizard using progress
bar graphs.

OpenEMM 2011 is here now - and it is available free of charge.
Download the complete new release at href="">


AGNITAS is a technical service provider and software developer
for e-mail-based and digital dialog marketing. The company’s
sophisticated software, coupled with its ability to provide
personalized solutions for customers, is a powerful combination.
Successful email marketing campaigns can be developed, implemented
and evaluated with the AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager e-mail marketing
platform. E-Marketing Manager (EMM) services can be used as full
service, ASP or license solutions.

The AGNITAS product portfolio has been supplemented by the free
OpenEMM e-mail marketing software since mid-2006. OpenEMM was
derived from E-Marketing Manager and further developed with the aid
of the Open Source community

AGNITAS was founded in 1999 and counts among its customers such
well-known companies as Baur Versand, C&A Online, Conrad
Electronic, Deutsche Telekom, IBM, OBI and Tomorrow Focus.

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