Britons Still Taking ‘Worrying’ Risks With Their Identities

By John Lewis Insurance, PRNE
Monday, June 27, 2011

LONDON, June 28, 2011 -


Millions of Britons are leaving themselves open to identity
theft by carelessly discarding personal information.

According to research from href="">
John Lewis Home Insurance, one in six (16%) of us fails to
destroy documents like bank statements, receipts and invoices
before throwing them away.

John Brady, head of commercial at John Lewis Home Insurance
said: “Despite identity theft being a growing crime, it seems that
the advice about how to keep personal information safe just isn’t
getting through and people are continuing to take worrying

The survey of 2,003 UK residents also revealed the grave risks
being taken when people log on to the internet - with one in seven
(14%) admitting to using passwords that can easily be guessed, such
as ‘1234′, or using the same password across multiple accounts.

Some 13% also admitted to falling for so-called ‘phishing
scams’, where they were asked to click on links emailed to them and
to fill in forms asking for personal details.

Nearly half (43%) say they never lock personal details away in a
safe place in the home.

John Lewis Home Insurance has responded by issuing the following
‘top-tips’ on how to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft:

  • Don’t throw anything with your name, address or financial
    details without shredding it first
  • Check your bank and credit card statements carefully and report
    anything suspicious to the financial institution concerned
  • If you’re expecting a statement and it doesn’t arrive, tell
    your bank or credit card company
  • Get regular copies of your credit report from a credit
    reference agency
  • Make sure your computer has up to date anti-virus software
  • Make sure you use all the privacy settings available on social
    networking sites - but don’t put too much personal information up
  • Don’t ignore bills, invoices or receipts for things you haven’t
    bought or services you haven’t asked for - contact the company
  • When you register to vote, tick the box to say don’t want to be
    included in the edited electoral register - that means your details
    can’t be sold on

Research was carried out by ICM Research on behalf of John Lewis
Home Insurance and surveyed 2,003 UK adults from 25-27 February

About John Lewis Home Insurance

John Lewis Insurance provides optional ID Theft Cover as part
of their Home Insurance policy. If this cover is included in your
policy, you’ll have access to our Identity Theft Helpline that will
provide full assistance and guidance in recovering your identity if
it’s been fraudulently stolen.  

John Lewis Insurance will also pay up to £50,000 to cover costs
you have to pay to defend your name and restore your credit status,
or any lost wages if you have to take time off work to meet with
police or legal counsel.

Find out more about how John Lewis Home Insurance is with you when
it matters.

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