Brits Support The American Tan

By Peacocks, PRNE
Tuesday, June 28, 2011

LONDON, June 29, 2011 -


- British women revive the trend for the
s American Tan, as sales of nude hosiery
increase by 50 per cent at Peacocks

American Tan tights are once again attracting a more youthful
audience, as Peacocks, the
UK’s hottest value fashion retailer reports a surprise rise in
popularity of nude hosiery, with sales up 50 per cent on the year
(2011 compared to 2010).

 Sales of 1980’s American Tan tights which offer an
immediate solution to instantly tanned legs (as well as offering
warmth during the current dip in temperatures) are enjoying a
fashion renaissance led by younger women including the Duchess of
Cambridge and her sister Pippa, Cheryl Cole and Carla Bruni.

Today’s hosiery buyer is foregoing flesh for the safety and
cover of Peacocks’ 10 Denier gloss tight with Lycra (£2) and pack
of five American Tan tights (£3) which are June’s surprise hosiery
winners across the retailer’s 550 stores and online. 

Shape and control wear has played a large part in nude’s
success, with sales of Peacocks’ 10 Denier shape wear tights (£4)
offering additional holding-in-power for waist, legs, bums and tums
already double on the year (2011 compared to 2010), and available
in sizes medium to XXL.

 It’s not just tights that are taking a tan turn, Peacocks
has also reported a 120 per cent (2011 compared to 2010) rise in
sales of nude lingerie, which have overtaken traditional white for
the first time.  To cope with demand, Peacocks has quadrupled
orders of its nude strapless bra (£8).

 Suzy Nunns, Peacocks’ Hosiery Buyer said: “With
stylish women such as the Duchess of Cambridge, Beyonce and Sarah
Jessica Parker
all spotted wearing tan tights this season, it’s no
surprise our customers are taking a fashion lead and opting for
this 1980’s style statement.”

Claire Pemberton, Peacocks’ Lingerie Buyer said: “Women are now
seeking a flexible and functional lingerie collection that works
for both day and night, and under all clothing. With white lace
lingerie so fashionable, even our trend experts are amazed that
nude is finally outselling classic white underwear.”

Editors Notes:

Peacocks most popular nude href="">

  • Nude shape-wear body £12 - the garment of the season to either
    wear below or on show and rendered invisible under all
  • Nude T shirt bra £8 - comfortable, functional and goes under
  • Nude thong £2 - invisible knickers perfect to wear under summer
    white linen
  • Nude strapless bra £8 - this summer’s lingerie draw staple


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