Bupa Announces Results of Customer Satisfaction Survey

By Bupa, PRNE
Tuesday, April 19, 2011

LEEDS, England, April 20, 2011 - Bupa has announced the results of this year's Bupa Care Services Customer
Satisfaction Survey.

74% of Bupa care home residents rate the overall standard of care at
their Bupa care homes 'excellent' and/or 'very good'. The results came from
the annual independent survey of residents and relatives which has been
running for 12 years.

This is the eighth consecutive year the overall customer satisfaction
score has risen.

In addition to this 94% of residents rated Bupa's quality of nursing care
(www.bupa.co.uk/individuals/care-homes/types-of-care/nursing-care) and
other care as excellent or very good, 91% of residents rated Bupa's staff as
excellent or very good for being treated as individuals and 91% of residents
rated Bupa's staff as understanding the residents needs as excellent or very

Oliver Thomas, director of Bupa's UK Care Homes, said: "Residents and
their families are in the best position to judge our care and I am delighted
to see such a positive response from them.

"Our overall customer satisfaction score has risen for eight consecutive
years since the introduction of our Personal Best development programme,
which encourages staff to recognise the individuals we care for and to go
that extra mile.

"This is a tribute to all our committed care home staff and the excellent
care that they provide. Their efforts are clearly being acknowledged by

The Bupa Care Services Customer Satisfaction Survey is commissioned
annually and carried out independently by Deighton Consultants.

All residents at Bupa care homes are offered the opportunity to fill in a
questionnaire each year, which allows them to feedback and comment on their
overall care, staff, the buildings and grounds, their room, being treated as
an individual, communal rooms, the food and their activities. Relatives of
residents with dementia are also offered the opportunity to feedback on these
aspects including dementia care (

Across the UK, Bupa's overall customer satisfaction score has risen since
the introduction of its Personal Best programme, an initiative which delivers
highly individualised care in all of its 305 homes.

In 2010 74% of residents rated overall service as excellent or very good,
66% of relatives rated overall service as excellent or very good and 94%
rated the overall view of staff as excellent or very good.

More than 70 percent of Bupa residents get financial help towards the
cost of their care - the level of help they get with care home fees
depends on individual circumstances.

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About Bupa:
Bupa's purpose is to help people lead longer, healthier, happier lives. A
leading international healthcare group, we offer personal and company health
insurance, run care homes for older people and hospitals, and provide
workplace health services, health assessments and chronic disease management
services, including health coaching, and home healthcare.

With no shareholders, we invest our profits to provide more and better
healthcare. We are committed to making quality, patient-centred, affordable
healthcare more accessible in the areas of wellness, chronic disease
management and ageing.

Employing nearly 52,000 people, Bupa has operations around the world,
principally in the UK, Australia, Spain, New Zealand and the USA, as well as
Hong Kong, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, India, China and across Latin America.

About Bupa Care Services:
Bupa operates 305 nursing and residential homes in the UK and cares for
almost 18,500 people.

Bupa is the only company to offer Alzheimer's Society-trained Dementia
Champions in our UK specialist care homes (www.bupa.co.uk/care-homes)
- over 25% of our beds in the UK are registered for specialist dementia care.

Our care homes are open to everyone - over 70 percent of Bupa's UK
residents receive state funding.

Bupa Care Services employs over 20,000 people.

Bupa also owns care homes in Spain, Australia, and New Zealand.

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