Canton Fair: Getting You in the Fair and in Business, Faster Than Ever

By Prne, Gaea News Network
Thursday, September 17, 2009


We all know international business trips can be a hassle: there’s registering for the conference, waiting for registration confirmation to be sent to you, dragging all your paperwork down to the embassy, waiting in line, waiting for your documents to be returned to you, finding the right hotel before you go, then hours on a plane, only to get to your destination and wait again for some clumsy staff member to verify your identity before you get in.

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At the Canton Fair (organized by China Foreign Trade Centre), we are continually working to make sure that you can get in the fair and in business, without even thinking twice about the hassle. Right now on our website ( ) you can find all you need to get your visa and get into the fair, right on the front page. You can print out your invitation card, register for a hotel, and set-up online communications with suppliers all with a few clicks of the mouse. And, if you register at one of the participating hotels, you can get your entry badge right there, which saves you time and energy in line outside the exhibition complex.

For VIP attendees, those who have attended 15 times, or the Chairmen or Chiefs of large companies and organizations, we have made everything even easier. First, to show our appreciation of your continued support for the fair, we have dropped all registration fees. Second, we can guarantee you an almost line free existence at the fair, with access to our private lobby, our VIP coffee shop, and our special green channel registration desk, which we’ve expanded to better serve our growing pool of regular attendees.

Our hope is that all of our attendees can get inside and get in business with as little hassle as possible. And if you find you’re saving too much time, and are looking for something to do, we have plenty of suggestions for things to do in and around Guangzhou — just, once again, check our amazingly useful website.

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Source: China Foreign Trade Centre

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