Cargill Reveals the Name of the World’s Largest Kite-Powered Vessel

By Cargill, PRNE
Thursday, June 30, 2011

GENEVA, Switzerland, July 1, 2011 -


Cargill has signed an agreement with Greek ship owner/manager
Anbros Maritime S.A. (Anbros) to install the world’s largest kite
on its Aghia Marina dry bulk cargo vessel.  The
Aghia Marina typically transports cargoes of agricultural
and industrial raw materials.  The 170 metre long carrier,
built in 1994, has a service speed of up to 14 knots and can carry
about 28,500 tonnes of dry bulk cargoes at any one time, making it
the largest vessel to use the wind power technology created by
SkySails GmbH (SkySails).  

Last February, Cargill announced it had signed a supply
agreement with SkySails that aims to use wind power technology to
reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the shipping industry. SkySails,
based in Hamburg, has developed an innovative, patented technology
that uses a kite which flies ahead of the vessel and generates
enough propulsion to reduce consumption of bunker fuel by up to 35
percent in ideal sailing conditions.  

“We are delighted to partner with Anbros and announce the Aghia
Marina as the largest vessel to use the SkySails technology to
date”, said Roger Janson, head of Cargill’s ocean transportation
business.  ”As Cargill is one of the world’s largest
charterers of dry bulk freight, we take our environmental
stewardship commitments very seriously and actively seek
opportunities to help raise industry standards in a number of
areas.   We’ve had an excellent relationship with Anbros for
many years and are delighted that they see the potential of this
technology from both an environmental and fuel saving

Under the terms of the agreement, the 320m2 kite will be
installed on the Aghia Marina in the first quarter of 2012, and the
system will be fully up and running in a matter of weeks
thereafter.  Anbros has now joined Cargill and SkySails in the
development and testing of the technology.

For the next five years the Aghia Marina, which Cargill has on
long-term charter, will use the SkySails system. SkySails will be
responsible for training the crew of the Aghia Marina on how to
operate the kite propulsion. The SkySails towing kite will be
connected to the ship by rope and will fly in a figure-of-eight
formation at a height of between 100 to 420 metres. It is
computer-controlled by an automatic pod to maximise wind

“Anbros Maritime is proud to announce the signing of an
agreement with Cargill and SkySails to use wind power to reduce
greenhouse gas emissions and fuel costs in the shipping industry,”
said George J. Angelakis, director of Anbros. “We are honored to
have been selected by Cargill to pioneer this ground-breaking green
technology. We see this choice as an acknowledgement of our
long-standing service in the industry and our reputation for a
high standard of operational and technical management,
maintenance, reliability and safety. Cargill and Anbros have been
collaborating for many years and this agreement will strengthen
these ties even further. We are committed to the success of this
project in the hope that it will usher in a new era of greener

“We applaud Anbros for joining this project and selecting the
Aghia Marina as the largest vessel to embrace our technology to
date”, said Stephan Wrage, managing director of SkySails. “We are
also very impressed with the drive and ambition shown by Cargill in
influencing a ship owner of this significance.  We are
confident that this partnership will lead to further developments
and in particular see great potential to incorporate our technology
on even larger ships in the future.”

Cargill is a significant global transporter of agricultural,
energy and industrial commodities. Although the company does not
today own vessels, its ocean transportation business ships more
than 185 million tonnes of commodities each year, in the process
connecting supply from areas of surplus with demand in areas of

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Cargill is an international producer and marketer of food,
agricultural, financial and industrial products and services.
Founded in 1865, the privately held company employs 131,000 people
in 66 countries.

Cargill helps customers succeed through collaboration and
innovation, and is committed to sharing its global knowledge and
experience to help meet economic, environmental and social
challenges wherever it does business. For more information, visit

Cargill Ocean Transportation

Cargill’s ocean transportation business is headquartered in
Geneva with offices in London, Amsterdam, New Jersey, Singapore,
Shanghai and Tokyo.

Its global team has a unique blend of experience across
shipping, commodities and risk management and offers its customers
a number of ocean freight solutions across all dry market segments
and tankers.  In recent years, the business has built on its
reputation for excellence in risk management by putting a strong
focus on raising health & safety and quality standards across
the industry. This partnership provides a unique opportunity for
our ocean transportation business to build on these high standards
and publicly demonstrate its commitment to environmental

Cargill recognises that its continued success depends on the
growth and health of its communities and partners, as well as the
vitality and conservation of natural resources. The company works
with a diverse group of global, national and local organisations to
support responsible economic development, help protect the
environment and improve communities. For more information, visit href="">


The Hamburg-based company SkySails GmbH is the market and
technology leader for automated towing kite systems. Its
internationally patented, high-performance wind propulsion system
for cargo ships - the SkySails system - can reduce the fuel
consumption of a cargo vessel by 10 to 35% on annual average,
depending on the prevailing wind conditions.

The latest SkySails product SKS C 320 has a propulsion power of
more than 2,000 kW (approx. 2,700 HP). It can save up
to 10 tons of fuel per day as well as SOx, NOx and
CO2 emissions (= approx. 32 tons of
CO2). The SkySails system can be installed as an
auxiliary wind propulsion on virtually all existing and new build

SkySails was founded in 2001 and currently has about 80
employees. Lead investors are the renowned ship financing company
Jan Luiken Oltmann Gruppe GmbH & Co. KG based in Leer, the
highly respected marine engine supplier Zeppelin Power Systems GmbH
& Co. KG and the Dutch Life Sciences and Materials Sciences
Company Royal DSM N.V.

For more information, visit href="">

Anbros Maritime S.A.

Anbros Maritime S.A., based in Piraeus, Greece, is a privately
owned company, engaged in ship management and the worldwide
seaborne transportation of dry bulk raw materials and commodities.
These activities are carried out by its self-owned and managed
fleet, currently consisting of Handysize and Handymax

The Company’s in-depth knowledge of the shipping industry, spanning
over 75 years, guarantees competent and reliable support to all its
customers and business associates. Committed to maintaining a safe
and competitive fleet among its global shipping activities, its
most valuable assets are the human resources, who, based in the
offices, on board the vessels, or ashore, are qualified to meet
every challenge with excellent technical expertise and outstanding

In compliance with international shipping developments, in the ever
intense and complex global shipping environment, Anbros manages its
fleet in strict and up-to-date conformity with international rules
and regulations. The Company’s enhanced Planned Maintenance System
(PMS) and the continuous monitoring of vessels conditions and
performance are a key element to ensuring the high quality
standards it has set.

The quality of its fleet and reputation for dependability have lead
to long-established relationships with its customers, resulting in
Anbros vessels being continuously in demand and employed by major

Anbros is a member of the Union of Greek Shipowners (UGS), an Owner
Member of the Baltic and International Maritime Council ( href="">BIMCO), and is ISM/ISPS certified
by the American Bureau of Shipping ( href="">ABS). For more information, visit  


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Anbros: George J. Angelakis


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