Cfengine Automates the Financial Industry

By Cfengine As, PRNE
Sunday, April 3, 2011

OSLO, Norway, April 4, 2011 - Cfengine today announced three independent commercial licensing
agreements with three major financial institutions headquartered in the US.

With five of the ten biggest banks on the Wall Street and more than a
hundred financial institutions already registered as users of their free open
source solution, Cfengine is an automation favorite in the financial
industry. Cfengine is the leading vendor of open source configuration
management solutions, used by the all major industries to keep datacenters
running. The company was founded by Chief Science and Technology Officer,
Professor Mark Burgess, who came up with a completely new way to manage

"This is clearly a commercial break-through for the company and a huge
endorsement by the financial sector", said Thomas Ryd, CEO of Cfengine. "The
open source community and early adopters have deployed Cfengine on millions
of servers world wide. Large financial institutions are 100% dependent on
their IT-operations, and we feel that these Cfengine Nova agreements
validates the technology is prove its readiness for the early majority of the

Professor Mark Burgess said "Cfengine represents a disruptive way to
manage servers. Instead of having a central point of managing servers, we are
building intelligence into each server by making them autonomous and able to
heal themselves. It may sound like science fiction, but it has now become a
widely accepted way to manage IT infrastructure.."

About Cfengine

Cfengine, the world technology leader in datacenter automation, is based
on state-of-the-art research and development. Cfengine Nova, the company's
cutting-edge enterprise solution, is designed with the importance of IT and
business alignment in mind and has a direct positive impact on business
performance. Several thousands of companies have realized the benefits of
Cfengine and have implemented it on millions of machines worldwide.

Contacts: Thomas Ryd, CEO Cfengine, E: thomas at, M: +47-21399450

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