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Sunday, July 10, 2011

LONDON, July 11, 2011 -


- Get on trend with themed holidays and lifestyle locations in
the world’s wackiest hotel hideaways -

As the trend for all things ‘lifestyle’ continues to grow, so
does the trend of the boutique hotel. Over the last few years,
reports have shown a rise in popularity for hotels that fit within
a holiday theme or lifestyle personality rather than just acting as
a place to stay. To serve the trend, numerous novelty hotels have
cropped up year after year, dotted throughout different parts of
the world.

Whatever the destination, whatever the budget, the UK’s leading
website for travel search and comparison points holidaymakers
towards hotels that suit their lifestyle, personality or holiday
theme with its choice of the world’s top quirkiest hotels. can also help you get there by allowing you to
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Bangkok, New York, Amsterdam and other fabulous locations.

“While it might sound expensive, boutique hotels can often be
more cost effective than their big chain counterparts,” says Nadine
, Travel Expert for href="">

“No longer serving as just somewhere to stay, hotels today serve
to act as either a home away from home, or an alternate universe
where travellers can literally live out a dream or lifestyle
interest,” adds Hallak.

V8 Germany

The only way the auto-geared V8 Hotel in Stuttgart, Germany
could be more car-centric is if the hotel itself could be driven.
Each of the 34 rooms is decorated in a different auto theme, such
as a car wash, caravan or racing. Even the beds in some rooms are
made from cars. Best of all, there’s no need to change a tire,
check the brakes, or fill up on pricey petrol before turning in for
the night, and there’s no risk of being clamped mid-slumber. Search
and compare href="">cheap
flights to Stuttgart.

Qbic Amsterdam

Hip, sexy and budget conscious; the ultra-chic Qbic Hotel in
Amsterdam is the place to make a splash while minding the cash. Its
cutting-edge design is typically found in the most expensive of
hotels around the world. The focus of each room is the Cubi, a
cube-shaped living space complete with designer furnishings and
individual mood-lighting schemes. Spending a night in your retro
pad is like staying in a hotel from the future, and ideal whether
your time in Amsterdam is spent in old museums or modern clubs and
coffee shops. Search for href="">cheap
flights to Amsterdam.

Jumbo Hostel Sweden

Jumbo Hostel gives a whole new meaning to sleeping on a plane,
and residents don’t need a ticket or security check to board. A
decommissioned 1976 Boeing 747 has been converted into a 27-room
hostel on the grounds of href="">Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport.
Completely rebuilt from the inside, Jumbo Hostel has “passenger”
rooms in the cockpit and cabins, a bar and café, and a first-class
lounge-turned-conference room that holds up to eight people - the
next best thing to having your own 747. Search and compare href="">cheap
flights to Stockholm.

Desert Cave Hotel Australia

As the world’s only internationally rated underground hotel,
Desert Cave Hotel in Coober Pedy is an exciting change for
surface-dwellers. Set in an opal-rich region of the Outback, the
hotel is hewn from sandstone and stays cool and dry. Its luxurious
rooms are perfect to return to after a long day exploring the
scorching and beautiful surroundings. You’ll feel snugger than a
baby kangaroo in its pouch when you turn in for the night under
Down Under. Search and compare href="">cheap
flights to Australia.

Library Hotel

Geared towards the modern intellectual, there will be no
shortage of bedtime reading at New York City’s Library Hotel. The
top-rated, luxury library-themed hotel has arranged its floors
according to the ten categories of the Dewey Decimal System. Guests
choose from a room menu of sub-topics according to their interests,
such as Classics, astronomy or new media, complete with book
selections. The Library also includes an elegant great room and
green house all set within its ideal Midtown location. Find cheap
to New York.

For the full list of the world’s top quirky hotels, visit href="">

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