CHIC 2011 is to be Held on March 28-31, 2011

By China International Clothing Accessories Fair chic, PRNE
Thursday, March 10, 2011

BEIJING, March 11, 2011 - China International Clothing & Accessories Fair (CHIC) has been co-
organized by China National Garment Association, China World Trade Center
Co., Ltd, and Sub-council of Textile Industry of CCPIT annually in Beijing,
since 1993. CHIC 2011, which is the 19th session, will be held in the
new China International Exhibition Center on March 28-31, 2011.


In the 18 years since its establishment, CHIC, the most important
fashion exhibition in Asia, has grown into a prestigious fashion event that
serves as a platform of brand exhibition and trade with unmatched business
values and industrial and social influences. Every year, 1000-odd brand
exhibitors and thousands of fashion buyers come from countries and regions
around the world. Presenting the pioneering products and service, CHIC is not
merely a fair but a comprehensive event, integrating "China Garment Brand
Annual Awards", "CHIC Shows", "China Garment Forum" and "Fashion Trends
Release" etc. The fair each year invites franchisers, dealers and
distributors around China, Asia, and even the world, and organizes various
kinds of distinctive activities. At CHIC, the participants not only have
their business targets achieved but also acquire considerable information on
market, management, business mode and other aspects. With the increasing
sense of fashion, various cultural, artistic and creative integration of
transboundary resources has also made CHIC the focus of the fashion industry
every March as well.

The fair this year covers an area of 110,000 square meters, and
is divided into 11 professional exhibition areas: men's wear, women's wear,
casual wear, kids' wear, underwear, leather/fur, down wear, fashion
accessories, fashion information, original design and overseas pavilion.
There are 1000 brands from 19 countries and district, that is China Mainland,
Italy, France, Germany, Austria, England, Spain, Norway, Greece, Turkey, the
U.S.A, Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore, India, China Hong Kong, China Macao
and Taiwan province. More than 40 activities are organized and approximately
100,000 visitors will come to the exhibition.

CHIC is not only an exhibition or a service provider, but also a
guide, a strength to push the whole industry to develop, push every
participator (including enterprises, brands, business, buyers, designers,
agents, etc.) to develop faster

In March 2011, "CHIC For New" will launch soon…

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