Chiltern Announces Additional Investment in Endpoint

By Chiltern, PRNE
Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LONDON, June 16, 2011 -

Chiltern International Limited (Chiltern), a global contract
research organization (CRO) announced an additional financial
investment in Endpoint Clinical, Inc. (endpoint) further
strengthening their strategic partnership with the company
established in April 2009.

Glenn Kerkhof, Chiltern CEO, stated, “Chiltern’s decision
to increase our investment in endpoint reflects our aligned vision
for the future of endpoint’s PULSE platform, enabling endpoint to
provide an unparalleled combination of premium client service and
advanced technology solutions. Jon Dole and Tom
of endpoint have brought a new level of energy and
innovation to Interactive Response Technology (IRT). Since our
partnership began over a year ago, endpoint has delivered high
quality, cost effective services to clients with both accuracy and
speed. endpoint is successfully responding with best- in-class
IVR/IWR solutions and as a result exceeding client

Jonathan Dole, endpoint CEO, stated, “Chiltern has been
an excellent partner for us over the past year, and we couldn’t be
more pleased with their continued support in our vision for IRT.
Chiltern’s global footprint and their overall support of our
growing business have proven invaluable in moving us forward.
Chiltern’s enthusiasm and investment affirms our confidence in the
solutions we are bringing to the marketplace. With PULSE we are
delighting our clients with our fresh and logical approach to
systems development, giving our customers the agility they need in
a constantly changing R&D environment.”

PULSE is endpoint’s fully configurable system which
allows users to design and deploy clinical trial IRT systems at a
fraction of the time and cost of other providers, was launched in
January 2010. Providing both high speed of deployment and flawless
quality, PULSE simultaneously designs systems that can be accessed
via the phone, web, or mobile device.  

Company profiles


Established in 1982, Chiltern is a leading global clinical CRO
with extensive experience in the management of Phase I-IV clinical
trials across a broad range of therapeutic areas, functional
service provision and contract staffing solutions. Chiltern has
conducted trials in more than 40 countries, employs around 1,300
people globally and offers services in Early Phase, Global Clinical
Development, Late Phase, Biometrics, Medical and Regulatory Affairs
and Resourcing Solutions. Chiltern prides itself as a development
partner that offers flexibility, responsiveness and quality
delivery. href="">


endpoint is an innovative company dedicated to the development
of the leading Interactive Response Technology (IVR/IWR) platforms
for the life sciences industry. endpoint’s founding team members
have been developing IRT systems for clinical trials since 1998 and
have deployed systems to small, medium and large pharma and biotech
companies for domestic and global  studies with experience
across a broad range of therapeutic areas and global
implementations. href="">

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