CommuniGator Helps Sofitel Increase Email Marketing ROI

By Communigator Ltd, PRNE
Sunday, August 15, 2010

Following CommuniGator's Successful Pitch in March 2010, and the Subsequent Implementation Plan, Email Marketing Results Have Improved Dramatically for Sofitel London St James

GUILDFORD, England, August 16, 2010 - CommuniGator's ( email marketing
campaign software, GatorMail, has been adopted by Sofitel London St James as
the preferred solution to deliver HTML newsletters and promote social media
activities on Twitter and Facebook.

In June 2009, Sofitel London St James identified the need to
implement new ways of communicating with potential and existing customers.
Following a trial period with 2 shortlisted providers, CommuniGator was
selected as the new email marketing solution provider. The reasons for the
selection of CommuniGator have been cited as;

    - The look and functionality of the software (
    - The tools available and potential to expand email marketing
    - Support provided (training and account management - UK
    - Flexibility in adapting HTML email designs
    - The ability to test layouts in different inboxes
    - Cost and potential ROI

The Sales and Marketing Department, Sofitel London St James
says 'Since we started with CommuniGator we have seen an increase in our
click through rates of 16.7% (28% in total in our weekend newsletter). We
have been able to track guests booking our hotel as a result and CommuniGator
has allowed us to measure more effectively actual business and bookings
through specific offers being sent'.

CommuniGator Ltd is a leading provider of digital marketing services,
specialising in Email Marketing Software, Surveys, Event Management and
Digital Brochures. For further information, product enquiries or a trial
please contact CommuniGator on +44(0)1483-411911, email or visit us at

For further information, product enquiries or a trial please contact CommuniGator on +44(0)1483-411911, email info at or visit us at

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