Confessions of a Property Industry Pioneer

By We Buy Houses, PRNE
Saturday, April 9, 2011

Trailblazer to visit UK and reveal the secrets the banks don't want consumers to know.

LONDON, April 11, 2011 - In 2008, property investment guru and author of The Big Property Lie Rick
Otton first introduced his unique investment concepts and systems into the UK
from Australia. At the time, they were considered to be revolutionary …
some would say contrarian. They certainly challenged the traditional methods
of buying and selling property.

While many dismissed his innovative 'rent to own' method and many
traditional lenders seemed unconcerned, Rick was causing a quiet revolution
in the industry. And not only has he changed the property investment playing
field forever, he's returning to the UK to reveal his latest ideas and
strategies that will shake up the industry and its status quo even further.

The Big Power Shift

According to Rick, the balance of power between the average property
investor and traditional lenders has shifted.

"Through my teachings, people have discovered that they no longer have to
go cap-in-hand to traditional lenders in order to get into the property
market", he says.

After 20 successful years in the US and Australia real estate investment
markets, in 2003 Rick Otton brought his unconventional property investing
strategies to the UK. The time was right, it seems. Because now, fueled by
the success stories from previous students, his training workshops sell out
in record time.

His next workshop, to be held in London on April 15, 16 and 17 is no
exception, with places expected to approach wait-list status. Those who have
secured their seats, however, are set to receive new perspectives on UK
property investing.

And Otton promises a few new surprises in this workshop.

His no-nonsense presentation style is based on a simple premise: he
explains how, by thinking strategically, UK property investing is within the
reach of almost everyone - even in difficult economic times, and even without
a deposit.

When starting out in real estate investing, Otton studied the traditional
process of buying and selling. "In the process, I found opportunities, and
created a series of systems, strategies and processes which meant that
literally anyone could buy a property without a bank loan, a mortgage, or any
cash to invest whatsoever." he said.

And the banks, he says, don't want you to know about these options.

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About Rick Otton

Rick Otton is an original pioneer of creative property strategies. He is
founder and CEO of We Buy Houses, a leading property enterprise which
operates in the property markets of the United Kingdom, New Zealand, USA and

In 1991 he uncovered an innovative strategy of buying and selling real
estate and went on to amass a portfolio of 76 properties in his first twelve
months of active investing.

Since 2001, Rick has taught over 30,000 students to buy, sell and trade
residential property without banks, debt or risk. By employing these same
strategies many of Rick's students have made over a million dollars a year in
cash and equity, using little or none of their own money, year after year.
Rick Otton has also been featured in UK magazine, Your Property Network,
Australian Property Investor, Lifestyle Trader Magazines and in the books:
The Secrets of Property Millionaires Exposed!, Ideas: Original Perspectives
On Life and Business From Leading Thinkers, Think and Grow Rich in Property,
Insider Property Secrets, and Walking With The Wise.

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