Lawyers Predict Second Wave of job Losses to hit Older Workers and Pregnant Women

By Dbs Law, PRNE
Saturday, April 9, 2011

For the attention of Business and Labour editors

BIRMINGHAM, England, April 11, 2011 - Employment specialists at DBS Law are predicting that a second wave of
job cuts sparked by the looming second recession will hit older workers and
pregnant women. Statistics published by the Tribunal Service show that in the
last quarter of 2010 tribunal claims for age discrimination more than doubled
on the previous year. Claims of discrimination and unfair dismissal by
pregnant women rose by 47% in the same period.

The figures for older workers and pregnant women contrast with an overall
fall in unfair dismissal claims during 2010. Employment experts at DBS put
this down to the early rush of redundancies at the beginning of the first
recession having chocked off the bulk of workers in non-protected groups
considered surplus by their employers.

Paul Griffin, Head of Employment at DBS Law, said, "The figures show a
worrying trend in employment in the UK. Whilst the overall numbers of unfair
dismissal claims are falling, this can easily be attributed to the fact that
large numbers of staff have already been jettisoned by the employers.

"The growth of discrimination claims from older workers and pregnant
women suggests that employers are now targeting their more expensive staff,
despite them being in protected groups. Obviously mistakes are being made in
companies as accounts departments win out against HR.

"Our advice to older workers and pregnant women is take legal advice
before a problem arises. You may be able to prevent your boss making a
mistake that you will both regret."

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