DBS Law Joins Access to Justice Campaign

By Dbs Law, PRNE
Saturday, April 9, 2011

BIRMINGHAM, England, April 11, 2011 - Birmingham based solicitors DBS Law Ltd has signed up to support the
campaign Access to Justice Action Group. AJAG is opposing proposed government
reforms to the justice system which will severely limit the ability of
accident victims from making legitimate claims against big business, local
authorities and employers.

The Government is acting to change the regulations so that accident
victims become liable for their legal costs when they win a case. At the
moment costs are paid by the insurance company of the organisation
responsible for the accident.

DBS law points out that while accident rates in the UK remain static the
number of claims has fallen over the last ten years. The firm's market
research reveals a number of reasons for this including fear of high legal
costs, and the fear of taking on an employer or a big organisation. DBS law
says the proposed reforms of "no win no fee" arrangements will make it even
more daunting for accident victims to seek justice.

AJAG estimates that 1 in 4 cases that are currently successfully taken
will not be run if the proposed changes are made. They also predict that
claimants will lose up to a quarter of their compensation in legal costs.

DBS Law, Managing Director Rob Bhol, said, "There are already too many
obstacles preventing members of the public making legitimate personal injury
claims, unfounded perceptions about the personal cost is one of the biggest.
The Government's proposed changes to the system will make the perception a
reality and make the situation worse.

"The Government is caving into lobbying by the powerful insurance
industry with this attack on no win no fee legal arrangements. The only
beneficiaries of these changes will be big business who put their workers and
the public in danger and of course the insurance companies and their

DBS Law intends to ask all its clients and their families to sign up to
the campaign and to lobby their MPs on the issue. The firm has also written
to every MP in the West Midlands asking for their views on the proposals to
restrict public access to justice. The MPs replies will be shared with the
campaign group and with the firm's clients.

Note to editors: DBS Law Ltd operate Claim today Solicitors a national
personal injury claims business.

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