Reveals the Unluckiest Make of Car

Sunday, June 5, 2011

CARDIFF, Wales, June 6, 2011 - has revealed the unluckiest make of car in the UK by looking
at 12 months' worth of customers quotes and finding out which make and model
had the highest accident rates.

Top of the list was Honda's FR-V six-seater. 2,529 owners of this vehicle
made 466 accident claims in the past five years. That's a claim rate of 18.4
per cent, or almost one in five.

Next came Volvo's XC90. Of the 3,886 drivers of this model who bought
cover through, 619 made claims for accidents - a rate of 15.9
per cent.

The Lexus RX had a claim rate of 15.5 per cent (574 claims out of 3,701
drivers), followed by the Mazda 5 (15.3 per cent, or 373 out of 2,431).

Also in the top 10 vehicles for claims were Honda's Jazz and CR-V models,
Volkswagen's Touran, the Hyundai Santa, the Toyota Rav and the Mazda 3. Each
had a rate of about one accident claim for every seven vehicles insured
through insurers on the panel. also looked at which cars were least likely to be involved
in accident claims.

Apparently the 'safest' of all was the Mazda 2 TS TD - out of a total of
1,076 owners, only nine accident claims were recorded in the last five years.
That makes a claims rate of less than one in 100.

Also hovering around the 1 per cent claims-rate mark were Nissan's
Skyline, the Ford Focus RS and the Fiat Cinquecento.'s head of car insurance (, Gareth
said: "Car accidents are rarely a result of mechanical failures: they
are more often caused by human error or just bad fortune. It could be that
drivers of this model happen to be more careless or reckless than other
motorists. Or it could simply be that this group of road users has been
particularly unlucky in the period when the data was collected."'s statistics show just a snapshot of accident-related claims
made by owners of a particular make and model of vehicle. So it is worth
stressing that if one particular car appears to have a relatively high rate
of claims, it does not follow that this vehicle is inherently more dangerous
than others.

This research reflects only the experience of customers:
other companies' figures could show different trends.

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