Fifth IFRA Compliance Cycle is All Clear

By Ifra, PRNE
Sunday, June 5, 2011

BRUSSELS, June 6, 2011 -

A test sample of 50 fragranced products, chosen at random from a
selection of 450 marketed products from ten different countries, found that
all fragrance formulations were compliant with the IFRA Code of Practice. The
fifth cycle of the IFRA Compliance Program*, covering the period May 2010 to
May 2011, did not find any IFRA banned substances in any of the selected

The products, which include fine fragrances, body care products and
household products were analyzed by an independent body, Eurofins
Scientific** and were given the all clear.

Pierre Sivac, IFRA President, said: "This fifth cycle of our Compliance
Program has once again demonstrated that the Standards are adhered to by IFRA
members and the fragrance industry at large. Our objective at IFRA is to
ensure the safety of fragrance products for the consumer and the environment.
We look to achieve this by thoroughly researching ingredients through the
industry's research center, RIFM*** and by setting industry policy based on
the outcome of exhaustive reviews of the results by an independent panel of
experts. Our industry has collectively undertaken the responsibility of
enacting this Compliance Program to ensure that the IFRA Standards are
respected and I am very pleased that the results of this latest cycle show
100% compliance."

Notes to Editors:

*The IFRA Compliance Program focuses on the safety of fragranced consumer
products by ensuring that the IFRA Code of Practice is fully adhered to and
applied. It involves the analysis of a variety of consumer products for the
presence of fragrance ingredients regulated by IFRA Standards. The product
analysis is defined in specific procedures and is executed completely
independently by Eurofins Scientific, a leading international group of
laboratories following strict internal procedures to ensure confidentiality
and impartiality.

The products are selected at random from the different categories -
fragrance, cosmetics and toiletries and household and detergents - from ten
randomly selected IFRA member countries each year.

The Compliance Program is an integral part of the IFRA Code of Practice,
which is a comprehensive document that supports the IFRA commitment to
provide products that are safe for use by the consumer and to the

The Code of Practice applies to the manufacture and handling of all
fragrance materials, for all types of applications and contains the full set
of IFRA Standards. Abiding by the IFRA Code of Practice is a prerequisite for
all fragrance supplier companies that are members of IFRA (either directly or
through national associations). The majority of client companies (including
producers of toiletries and household products) expect their fragrances to
comply with IFRA Standards as set out in the Code.

Amendments to the Code, if required, are issued annually, based on new
scientific developments. These contain either new usage restrictions or
revisions of existing usage restrictions.

The IFRA Code of Practice is distributed worldwide and is in the hands of
all member associations and their member companies, in addition to
governmental regulatory bodies and many other stakeholders. It is also
available to all on our website:

** Eurofins Scientific is a leading international group of laboratories
providing a range of testing and support services to the pharmaceutical,
food, environmental and consumer products industries as well as governments.
They have 8000 employees across 150 sites in 29 countries. For more details
go to:

***The science behind the IFRA Code of Practice comes from the Research
Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM), formed in 1966 to analyze, evaluate
and distribute scientific data, cooperate with official agencies and
encourage safety standards for the use of fragrance ingredients.

All scientific findings are evaluated by an independent Expert Panel. The
Panel is an internationally known group of experts in dermatology, pathology,
toxicology, environmental, respiratory, and reproductive sciences. The Panel
advises RIFM on strategic approach, reviews protocols and evaluates all of
RIFM's scientific findings. Its evaluations are used by IFRA to develop the
IFRA Standards. For more information about RIFM or the Expert Panel go to or email

For more information, please contact: Stephen Weller, Company: IFRA, Phone number: +32-2-214-2067, Mobile number: +32-497-57-33-94, E-mail address: sweller at

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