Crouch. Touch. Pause. Engage! The Rugby World Cup is Alive and Kicking in New Zealand

By Dialaflight, PRNE
Tuesday, September 27, 2011

LONDON, September 28, 2011 -

Dial-a-flight confirms you can still attend the Rugby World Cup live- but you’ll have to hurry.

Can the home nations quash every New Zealander’s hopes and dreams?

Rugby is adored in New Zealand. It’s New Zealand’s equivalent to football in Brazil- so you can imagine the jovial atmosphere and excitement currently being echoed across the country, as New Zealand hosts the seventh Rugby World Cup.

The tournament’s into its third week already and the action is heating up nicely for a thrilling conclusion. With Ireland beating Australia last weekend, there’s now a real possibility one of the four home nations (England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales) can reach the final in Auckland on 23rd October- and even win it. Think it’s too late to fly to New Zealand and see it? Not yet, according to

Emma Handcock, a representative for New Zealand’s Tourism Service explains- on DialAFlight TV- that with bigger matches looming in the coming weeks, Rugby fans eager to catch a cheap flight to New Zealand need to act quickly:

“There’s a real party atmosphere right across the country at the moment, so it’s a great time to visit some of New Zealand’s most passionate Rugby supporting towns and cities- like Dunedin and Auckland- and share in the experience with other ardent Rugby fans. However as the tournament reaches the knock-out stages, competition for flights is only going to send prices higher and higher. ¬†It’s really better if fans can hunt for deals sooner rather than later.”

The All Blacks are firm favourites to win the Rugby World Cup; especially considering they have the advantage of hosting the tournament on home soil. With stunning scenic beauty, rich culture and abundant wildlife there really is no better place on Earth to watch Rugby. Bag cheap flights to New Zealand and watch history unfold before your very eyes.

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