Crystal Lagoons Presents a Revolutionary Concept and Technology at Europe's Biggest Real Estate Fair

By Quorum Comunicaciones, PRNE
Wednesday, June 1, 2011

MILAN, June 2, 2011 -

- Creators of world's largest crystalline lagoon driving the real estate
revolution in more than 180 projects all over the planet will be taking part
in EIRE 2011.

Crystal Lagoons Corp, the company that creates immense crystalline
lagoons has taken off all over the world through partnerships with the
primary players in international real estate. Accumulating more than 180
urban, tourism and public projects in less than 3 years of existence, Crystal
Lagoons will be presenting at Eire 2011, Europe's largest event for the
industry. Its innovative concept and technology patented worldwide, enables
building and maintaining unlimited volumes of water in a crystalline state
and at very low cost.

This real estate fair to be held from June 7th through 9th in Milan, will
offer a special space to exhibit the Crystal Lagoons concept and technology
with a presence in projects in 45 countries, and an associated investment of
US$100,000 million.

Crystal Lagoons is the only company in the world offering this innovative
concept and technology that makes possible the development of economically
viable navigable lagoons of crystalline waters, suitable for swimming. As a
result, these huge bodies of water are becoming an indispensable amenity for
real estate projects adding a tremendous differentiating value by bringing an
idyllic beach life environment to places where such a thing was never before
imagined, such as deserts or the downtown areas of cities, creating a
revolution in the real estate industry worldwide.

In its continuous concern for the environment, the firm has developed an
eco-friendly and sustainable system, which was awarded by UNESCO in 2010 as a
Green Technology. These enormous lagoons only need water to compensate
evaporation allowing consumption of approximately half of what a park
consumes and ten times less than a golf course. Furthermore, it uses up to
100 times fewer chemicals than traditional systems, and only 2% of the energy
that conventional filtering technologies demand.

Crystal Lagoons has received world recognition for San Alfonso del Mar
( with its crystal lagoon with 8 hectares of surface
area and 1 km in length, certified by Guinness World Records as the largest
in the planet, and for the mega-project Citystars Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt,
which consists of 10 lagoons with 100 hectares of crystal clear water in the
middle of the desert the first of which is currently under construction and
will have an area of 12 hectares.

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