Cutting-Edge Apps for Leading Gadget Manufacturers Prove a Roaring Success

By Tmti, PRNE
Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LONDON, December 22, 2010 - TMTI, a company based next to Lord Bath's Lions of Longleat, is a roaring
success despite the worst recession for years. TMTI is proud to announce that
profits will be up this year by 40% and the company is set to grow even more
rapidly in 2011. The company will post pre-tax profits of 1.25 million this
year, and has offices in the UK, Benelux, the US and Canada.

The TMTI group is owned by entrepreneur Crispin Thomas, who has spent his
career in the Mobile business rising to prominence alongside such names as
Charles Dunstan and Peter Jones. The company has invented a technology called
TMTX, which brings products alive on the web so that clients can try gadgets
before they buy and the technology also enables customer service personnel in
call centres to give a great experience, whilst talking people through
problems on the telephone. In the last week TMTI has brought TMTX onto
handsets via App2TMTX, bringing a rich visual solution onto the new smart

The company has already sold TMTX to, O2, Bell, AT&T, HTC,
Sony Ericsson and TomTom.

"People don't really want to talk to 'press this press that' call
centres," says Crispin Thomas. "They want fast answers and we have search
engine friendly technologies which enable consumers to teach themselves how
to use gadgets quickly and easily on the web and through the App stores. We
have clients worldwide and the reception to the TMTX software has been
fantastic. Our clients want a world class online Customer Service solution
and we provide that at low cost."

TomTom is one of the latest brands to embrace Thomas' self- learning
philosophy. They have adopted the programme for their new TomTom Go Live
1000, offering the software on their website and a free customer Service app
on the Apple Store and Android markets.

"We want our customers to access information about our products 24/7 in
an easy and clear way," says TomTom UK & Ireland Marketing Manager Lyndal
. "Bringing our devices alive on the web and on the new breed of smart
devices via free apps is exactly where we need to be. TMTX provides this for

Editor's Notes:

Gadget Helpline Apps can be found in the App store by simply searching
for the term 'technical support.' Free downloads of TMTI's range of
groundbreaking apps, so you can experience them for yourself, are available
on request.

TMTI also owns the UK's foremost gadget club, which has 150,000 members and joins over
10,000 new subscribers per month.

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