ZP1846, a Novel GLP-2 Agonist, Continues to Advance in Clinical Development Under Licensing Agreement
CAMBRIDGE, England, December 9, 2010 - Despite a massive media frenzy for tablets such as the iPad, the latest research from Broadbandgenie.co.uk has shown old favourites such as smartphones (www.broadbandgenie.co.uk/smartphones) and laptops are still just as high on consumer Christmas wish lists in 2010.
LONDON, December 9, 2010 - 2010 is drawing to a close but travel and travel planning still continue at the same level regardless of the temperatures at this time of the year. Whilst some are actually travelling on business the others may be making a spontaneous decision to take a short winter break or are already planning their hotel needs for next year.
The World's Largest Exhibition for the Solar Industry Presents the Industry's Latest Products and Services for the 20th Year Running.
ZUG, Switzerland, December 9, 2010 - A scientific panel of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) published its positive opinion on a disease risk reduction health claim dossier for oat beta-glucan on 8. December 2010, following an application from CreaNutrition AG submitted pursuant to Article 14 of the EC regulation on nutrition and health claims.
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