Wipe-out! Over Half of us are at Risk of Losing Digital Media

By Lg Electronics, PRNE
Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New LG Electronics Survey Shows Men, Women, Parents and Students are all Missing out on New Technology That Enables Safe Storage and Easy Access to Music, Work and Photos - the Loss of Which can be as Stressful as Being hit by an Unexpected Bill or Even the Death of the Family Pet!

SLOUGH, England, December 22, 2010 - Ever had that sinking feeling when your computer goes into meltdown or
you accidently erase the wrong file?

A new survey by LG Electronics has shown that for men, data loss can be
extremely stressful, with 18 per cent saying that it would be comparable to
being hit by an unexpected bill. Others went further and said that losing
files had been as distressing as losing their job (10%), writing off their
car (9%) and, in one per cent of cases - going bald!

Women who have been affected by loss of personal data through the
malfunction, loss or theft of a home PC or laptop say that it can be as
distressing as the death of a favourite pet, no longer fitting into a pair of
favourite jeans or, in some cases, the illness of a friend or loved one.

Yet when it comes to protecting this data, over half (55%) of both men
and women simply rely on their existing hard drive for storage, according to
the LG survey, and are totally unprepared for unexpected events such as loss,
damage or theft.

"With home PCs and laptops vulnerable to malfunction, accidental damage
and loss or theft, it is crucial that more of us wake-up to simple,
inexpensive external storage devices to prevent being out of pocket in the
event of data loss," says LG Electronics' Warren Lewis.

"NAS devices are both easy to use and highly affordable, making them one
of the most important technological advances now available to consumers and
home workers.

"One such product, the new LG Super-Multi NAS, is a stylish compact
digital storage device that makes it easy to access large files and securely
store important work documents, photos and a range of other digital files.
Storing films, photos and other essential data on an inexpensive external
storage device is not only advantageous in terms of easy access, but it is
also essential for safeguarding digital content in the event of loss, theft,
damage or technical malfunction."


    - The LG survey profiled over 2,000 men and women across the UK

    - A separate poll revealed that the biggest cause of data loss amongst
      students was hardware malfunction (70%). A further 19 per cent had
      erased data accidentally while - in 17% of cases - the loss was due to
      accidental damage

    - As many as 64% of UK students surveyed said that if their hard drive
      failed or the data on it was lost, they would be forced to reproduce
      many hours of work. 11% reported that they may even fail a module or
      subject, while three per cent went further and said that they may even
      fail their course

    - For a full survey report, please contact rebeccae@whiteoaks.co.uk

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