DataSpace Awarded Tier III by Uptime Institute; First in Eastern Europe

By Uptime Institute Dataspace, PRNE
Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MOSCOW, October 6, 2011 -

The Uptime Institute, the global data center authority, awarded DataSpace Tier III Facility Certification, the first such designation in Russia and Eastern Europe.

“This is an important milestone in the modernization of Russia’s infrastructure and supports Moscow becoming a financial center,” said David Hamner, DataSpace CEO.  ”Financial institutions and other modern enterprises, both global and local, rely on uninterrupted and secured data processing operations and we’ve introduced the industry standard facility product to the market.”

Pitt Turner, Executive Director of the Uptime Institute, and Ken Brill, its Founder, jointly presented the award to Hamner and his team during the EMEA conference of Uptime Institute Network.

“We are very pleased to award Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility to DataSpace 1,” announced Turner.  ”As the first Certified Facility in Russia and Eastern Europe, this is a landmark accomplishment in the region.  DataSpace hereby joins a short list of leading service providers who have voluntarily engaged Uptime Institute as an unbiased third-party to validate thoroughly the data center’s high performance capability.”

Asked to summarize what Tier III really means, Turner responded: “Tier III means Concurrent Maintainability - that the data center will never be shut down to maintain or replace the heating and cooling equipment. Because all planned facilities shutdowns are eliminated, DataSpace 1 is a true 24 x 7 data center. Tier III Facility Certification is further significant because many data center operators claim to have Tier III, but only a small number have been verified as true.”

Vincent Renaud, who leads the Uptime Institute Tier Certification Team, said, “Tier III Facility Certification is only successful with a diligent owner and world-class delivery by the project team throughout the construction and commissioning. DataSpace was one of the best prepared projects that I have encountered.”

“When we looked at the market in 2008, we saw a lot of false claims about Tier III and knew from the beginning we would need to demonstrate what it really means and bring a truly world class data center to the market,” Hamner said.  ”We enlisted HP/CFS, Mercury and Schneider Electric as key partners and working together with Uptime Institute’s supervision from the beginning, we were able to accomplish the task.  Of all the data centers around the world I’ve been associated with in my career, this is the best.”

About DataSpace:

DataSpace develops and operates world class colocation data centers in Moscow, Russia.  DataSpace operates facilities certified Tier III by the Uptime Institute, and is telecommunications carrier and IT services neutral.  DataSpace is owned by Russia Partners, one of the oldest and largest private equity funds active in the Russian market, managed by Siguler Guff of New York, NY.

About Uptime Institute:

Uptime Institute is an unbiased, third-party data center research, education and consulting organization focused on improving data center performance and efficiency. Uptime Institute Professional Services is the data center management and engineering consulting offering of Uptime Institute. It exclusively delivers Certifications to the Tier and Operational Sustainability Standards.  Serving clients worldwide, Uptime Institute Professional Services is delivering consulting, Certifications and Accreditations in over 50 countries. For additional information see 

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