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By Easyvoyage, PRNE
Monday, December 12, 2011

PARIS, December 13, 2011 -

-Research carried out by the Post Office shows that Brits can save up to 62 per cent on their Christmas gifts by crossing the pond-

An investigation carried out by the Post Office shows that Brits could save a significant amount on their Christmas shopping by heading to the US in the run up to December 25. Easyvoyage, an online travel and hotel reviews company, believes that many people will take advantage of the price disparities by heading to the US this Christmas for a bout of holiday shopping this year.

The Christmas Shopping Guide, which is released annually by the Post Office, compares the prices of a number of items ranging from designer jeans to iPods. They recorded the cost of those items in London, New York, Las Vegas and Boston and compared them.

The research revealed that many items were much more affordable in the US and shopping in New York can be as much 62 per cent cheaper than in London. Some of the biggest savings were found on items of clothing with the average cost of a pair of True Religion jeans is £319 in London, but just £123 in New York and £120 in Boston. Shoppers can also save almost £27 by buying an iPod Nano in Boston instead of London.

Rooksana Hossenally from Easyvoyage comments: “It is astounding just how much can be saved on Christmas gifts, and if people are heading to the United States this winter they can take advantage of the huge difference in price. There are so many huge malls scattered across the country, which people can take advantage of whilst on holiday in America.  

“By taking a trip to New York or catching a flight to Los Angeles you can combine a fantastic holiday with your annual Christmas shopping. We fully expect people to take advantage of this great transatlantic shopping opportunity and book trips this month.”

Many other North American destinations are also expected to be popular this winter including cities in Canada, with flights to Toronto proving particularly appealing to people looking to do some shopping.

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