ENN Affirms Commitment to Tackling Global Climate Issues through Transnational Cooperation

By Enn Group Co. Ltd., PRNE
Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DURBAN, South Africa, December 7, 2011 -

ENN, China’s leading private clean-energy innovator, spoke Dec. 6th at COP17’s “China Pavilion” as one of the main Chinese corporate delegations. ENN, alongside partners such as Duke Energy is using the platform to announce initiatives that call on institutions around the world to join in tackling climate change.

In recognition of ENN’s contribution to clean energy and of the importance of the private sector in helping government achieve carbon reduction goals, China’s National delegation has invited ENN to join to Durban for COP17. Accompanying ENN at China Pavilion are key representatives from Duke Energy, Shanghai’s Tongji University and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

ENN’s decision to send top executives- including Chairman Wang Yusuo- to Durban demonstrates its commitment to global clean-energy development. “Technological progress in clean energy will bring benefits that can be shared by everyone,” said Chairman Wang Yusuo in Durban during COP17. “Yet information, technology and best practices that can help bring about these benefits are not being shared as well as they could be.”

“ENN hopes to cooperate with those that share a similar sense of mission and responsibility. We want to work with these parties to advance technological cooperation in clean energy across nations and to combine forces to address global climate challenges,” added Chairman Wang.

“It’s not just nations that should come together in their efforts to create clean energy solutions,” said Mr. Bill Tyndall, Senior Vice President, Duke Energy. “When private-sector companies like Duke and ENN work together on technology they not only add value for their own businesses; they create benefits for the environment and for all.”

ENN is taking this opportunity to outline its pledges to: 1. Increase capital investment in clean-energy research and innovation, encouraging transnational investment to promote new breakthroughs and industrialization; 2. Open up channels for the exchange of ideas, technologies and new information; and 3. Develop international cooperation in clean-energy technology transfer and loosen embargoes on clean-energy technology exports.

These statements follow an announcement in May 2011 from ENN and Duke Energy on joining to form an Eco-Partnership with the City of Charlotte, North Carolina, and the Chinese city of Langfang in Hebei province. The Eco-Partnership will focus on cleaner energy generation, smart grid technologies, energy storage and energy-efficiency solutions.

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