Investor Relations Take Priority

By World Finance, PRNE
Thursday, October 27, 2011

LONDON, October 28, 2011 -

At a time when some companies are not performing to expectation in the area of investor relations, it is to their benefit to point out those who are. Through the Investor Relations Awards 2011, World Finance has sought to identify the companies delivering the most transparent and worthwhile investor information to their shareholders and interested parties.

Instability in shares markets over the past year has resulted in a far heightened sense of awareness of where investors have shored their money. Where as once investors were happy to accept their dividends unquestioning, tough times have brought louder calls for company accountability to shareholders.

Several major companies have so far fallen victim to investor backlash when failings have not been perceived to have been dealt with adequately. News Corporation’s board members in particular have felt the heat for perceived leadership failings relating to phone hacking. Equally, disclosure errors have caused embarrassment and investor strife as some businesses fail to demonstrate the necessary care surrounding important information.

Companies can learn from the examples set by the winners of World Finance’s Investor Relations Awards 2011. The exemplary performance of these companies illustrates the model by which companies should interact with their investors. They have succeeded - sometimes by novel methods - in getting important information to their investors in the manner their investors require. By giving these awards, World Finance hopes that their outstanding performance will be recognised throughout their respective industries.

Find further information from the winners of the Investor Relations Awards 2011 in the November-December edition of World Finance, available from retailers now.

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