ETA BETA Alloy Wheels, now in UK

By Eta Beta uk Ltd, PRNE
Sunday, March 21, 2010

High Quality Performance Alloy Wheels for the Auto Enthusiast With a Passion for Cars

CROYDON, England, March 22, 2010 - As we know, most of the world's finest and most desirable items come from
Europe, whether its cars, clothes, food or furniture. However, one country
really knows how to push the boundaries even further when it comes to style,
sass and flair. Introducing the all Italian alloy wheel manufacture, ETA

ETA BETA has operations across Europe, and now for 2010 ETA BETA will
launch its UK division, controlling its UK operations, distribution and
marketing. The company will also provide its UK customers and dealers with
service and support.

Expressive design and unrivalled quality

The Italians are known as some of the world's best metalworkers, and
taking one look at ETA BETA's alloy wheel range confirms this. The wheels in
the current model line-up are made from the ground up, designed and styled
with passion only the Italian can do. ETA BETA wheels are cast from aluminium
which provides a strong yet light-weight construction. These qualities make
ETA BETA alloy wheels perform at their best every time. Each ETA BETA wheel
that rolls off the production lines have to pass strict tests which meet KBA,
E.T.R.T.O, TUV and EN ISO 9001:2000 certification.


The company is currently in the process of appointing authorised dealers
from where ETA BETA wheels can be purchased. "We are appointing dealers who
can give our customers high levels of customer service, which is a key
element when supplying products to customers through a dealer network" says
Peter Holness, head of ETA BETA UK sales operations. He also adds "I'm very
excited about working with ETA BETA, and I believe that sales should be
strong. The UK is the second largest European market for car manufactures
second to Germany, car aftermarket accessories are the same. Germany is one
of our biggest markets too and with the introduction of our UK operation we
hope to see a positive rise in the company's overall sales and revenue"

The Alloys - Every design is exciting, with plenty to choose from.

ETA BETA UK will kick start the range with thirteen models in the line
up. All ETA BETA wheels are light weight and designed to withstand flexing
when heavy cornering. All ETA BETA wheels are corrosion resistant.

The Launch Week!

The ETA BETA UK website has a countdown clock with the remaining time
until the launch date. ETA BETA UK will be giving away a prize to the first
customer who visits the website, fills in the information in the contact
section and then submits it. The winner will be the proud owner of a shiny
new set of ETA BETA alloy wheels, the second and third place runners up will
receive a 50% and 25% discount on any ETA BETA wheels purchased within one
year, so remember to be quick!

The winners will be announced on the ETA BETA community page at

The Company

ETA BETA was founded in 1977 and has dedicated itself with the passion to
design, develop and manufacture bespoke alloy wheels for the global market.
With just over three Decades of the company history, ETA BETA has produced
hundreds of millions of alloy wheels and continues to do so as the demand for
ETA BETA wheels continues to grow year after year.

For more information on our complete alloy wheel range, or for additional
information including brochures, or to become a part of our Dealer Network,
please contact ETA BETA UK Public relations manager Tom Bryant.

    For media or Dealer press packs please contact us below.

    Launch Video Link:

    ETA BETA Limited, UK Operations
    Eta Beta (UK) LTD - 27, 226 High Street, Croydon, CR9 1DF, UK

    Tom Bryant
    Cell: +44(0)7970-313258
    Phone: +44(0)844-736-1900 (opt 4)
    PR site:

ETA BETA Limited, UK Operations, Eta Beta (UK) LTD - 27, 226 High Street, Croydon, CR9 1DF, UK; Tom Bryant, Cell: +44(0)7970-313258, Phone: +44(0)844-736-1900 (opt 4), E-Mail: pressuk at

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