Excellent 2011 Harvest at La Scolca

By La Scolca, PRNE
Monday, October 17, 2011

GAVI, Italy, October 18, 2011 -

The 2011 harvest at La Scolca started on 24 August, earlier than anticipated. Really a great harvest!


Was the 2003 harvest hotter than the 2011 vintage? This is the question that consumers will ask as soon as they have a bottle of wine on the table, especially white, vintage 2011.

Our answer will be that 2003 was perhaps the peak for higher temperatures, but the 2011 season had a warm climate, daily, for a long period - people say this is very out of the ordinary for the last 100 years.

A high level of quality characterizes the 2011 vintage of La Scolca.

The fundamental difference with the quality of our white grapes was that they experienced some cool nights, unlike 2003, which allowed the plants to recover from the stress of the day. The reason for our early harvest, in comparison with the rest of the Gavi area, was due to the correct processing of both the soil and the vines. This fact has been a great help in  following the rules of the University of Bordeaux, city of origin of the agronomist who monitors our vineyards.
We can declare to have finished 10-12 days ago, when most properties in Gavi had not yet started with their harvest operations! The temperature of the early grapes that we picked in the morning was around 17 °C, then these values gradually increased during the next hours; at noon it was necessary to activate our advanced cooling system for the grapes and at the moment of discharge, an acceptable temperature was reported for the whole harvest, before pressing. The must was then immediately stored in thermo-conditioned tanks. We use these to let the must spend some hours below 15° C, creating a natural settling of the solid and heavier residuals, which are then discarded, with the subsequent transfer of only the clear must.

The 92nd La Scolca harvest, compared to the average of the Gavi DOCG area, started in advance, thanks to studied and advanced cultivation techniques.

A high quality distinguishes the 2011 vintage of La Scolca.

The water reserves, accumulated during winter, have offset the heat and lack of rainfall in summer 2011. 
Germination developed very well through the month of May, with right temperatures, and flowering happened approximately 10 days in advance compared to usual periods, an advance reflected in the timing of the collection and harvesting.
So, the 2011 harvest was completed more than a week in advance, on an average calendar, mainly due to summer temperatures that have recorded values above the seasonal average, accelerating the ripening of grapes. Good night temperatures were achieved, which determined very interesting levels of quality, a right balance between acidity and sugar and a correct aromatic content. The thermal differential recorded between the nights (with low temperatures and dry climate) and the warm situation of daytime favors the morning harvest with high temperatures, cooled by moderate winds.

Specific weather events, especially during fruit set, gave increases or decreases in quantity when compared to last year, with fairly small variations in both situations. The hot temperature in Summer was significant in determining the early harvest. The months of June and July and also early August were dedicated to the “climate rotation” and the usual heat has been interrupted by periods of cooler temperatures often accompanied by rain. The change of pace arrived before mid-August, with intense heat that lasted nearly to the end of the month, encouraging an acceleration of aging.

In terms of quality, expectations were confirmed with a high quality, mainly due to the fact that the grapes have not been stressed and they are healthy and beautiful, with good sugar content and good, stable acidity.

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